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NFT Game Development Checklist: A Complete Guide

How often have you been completely immersed in a video game, so much so that you forgot to eat or sleep? If you’re like most gamers, then the answer is probably quite often. Games have the ability to transport us to other worlds and immerse us in different cultures and experiences.

With the recent rise in the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there’s been a lot of talk about how this new technology can be used to create even more immersive and exciting gaming experiences.

NFTs are unique digital assets that can be purchased, sold, or traded on a blockchain. They’re the perfect tool for creating truly one-of-a-kind in-game items, experiences, and even entire games.

If you’re thinking about using NFTs to create your own unique gaming experience, then you’ll need to make sure that your NFT game development checklist includes all of the essential elements for success.

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Top Games to Get Inspired From

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity game is a turn-based fantasy game, where players battle and raise fantasy creatures. This game has more than 8 million users registered to it. The game was launched in March 2018 by the developer Sky Mavis. And the official cryptocurrency of this game is Axie Infinity Shards.

2. Track 9

In a dog racing game where betting is the source of earning, the dog that wins eventually gets awarded the best reputation with the game, thereby increasing their value as well and helping to sell at higher rates.

3. Alien Worlds

A popular sci-fi adventure game, Alien world is about digging and mining in the six different worlds offered to its players. Having its own cryptocurrency, TLM, it also has over 400 NFTs that its players can collect and sell.

4. Raid Party

A huge multiplayer p2e game, raid party offers its gamers to own NFTs in the form of characters. On the Ethereum blockchain, the game is about forming parties where one hero NFT and a few fighter NFTs have to raid a dungeon and fight the bad guy while a single boss is present. Thereby earning tokens called CFTI if they emerge victorious, which in turn can be traded in for Ethereum.

5. Spinterlands

A p2e crypto game, Spinterlands is an online card based game where every card is a collectible NFT. On the hive blockchain, the game is a multiplayer one that involves strategy and players battling each other using cards. Players can play, trade, and earn in this game.

Things to Keep in Mind While Developing NFT Games

Developing and conceptualizing NFT games requires a person to go through certain steps in order for them to translate into reality.

Choosing the genre would be the first, be it action, fantasy, sports, or adventure, deciding the basic model of the game is of primary importance.

Deciding on the features of the game and then finally building a prototype of it in order to test it with a real time audience and twirling its flaws to come up with the best version of it would be the final steps in this process.

The task of the NFT game development company requires the following checklist to be fulfilled in order to create and put out a p2e NFT based game.

1. Design of the Game

Once the basics of finalizing the game genre are done, a game’s success depends heavily on the design concept of the game.

From designing the game environment to its characters a lot depends on this stage as lot of how long the gamers will be engaged in the game depends on this stage. This stage requires a game design document which is responsible for the smooth integration of NFTs and blockchain.

2. Tech

Unity, Unreal Engine and Three.js are the three primary engines that allow game developers the 3D and 2D interface that they require.

To earn NFT, games building requires blockchains like Solana, tezos, Ethereum, and flow, integrating a crypto wallet, implementing a smart contract, authenticating users, and introduction on the NFT marketplace Open Sea, Binance, and Nifty gateway to name a few.

A secure and time-saving agreement process smart contracts provide transparency to the whole process.

3. Smart Contract

Making sure that the assets of the buyer and seller both are secure is the primary work of smart contracts. A time-saving and secure agreement for both, smart contracts add transparency to the whole process.

4. Crypto Wallet

In order for players to invest, store and make transactions, it’s highly important for NFT p2e games to have crypto wallet integration there. Most NFTs utilize Ethereum as their blockchain by automatically being connected to the Ethereum wall contract set.

Different Blockchains Supporting NFT Game Development Companies:

1. Ethereum

A decentralized secure platform, Ethereum is powered by blockchain technology and used by developers to create games using NFT assets. It has its own cryptocurrency Ether, and smart contract facility, also facilities to transfer NFT assets between Ethereum compatible accounts.

2. Tezos

A smart contract platform, tezos is an open sourced blockchain that uses its own cryptocurrency Tez. Having a secure code this platform is used to create assets and allows developers to create games and art.

3. Solana

Solano blockchain like other blockchain uses smart contracts. Similar to Ethereum it’s a platform as well as a cryptocurrency, with its currency being called SOL.

Also called “Ethereum killer”, it’s a fast and cheap platform that is gaining popularity by the day. Built to host decentralized applications (dApps), games on this platform such as Defi lands and SolaJump have achieved much recognition.

4. Flow

A phenomenal blockchain for creating assets and games, Flow is easy to use and helps the developers far more so with the testing and deployment phase and was essentially created for the smooth development of NFT based p2e games.

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To surmise it all game development companies as well as players got a whole new world of opportunities opened to them thanks to blockchains and smart contracts to have fun and earn money via the P2E model.

Offering virtual assets NFT gaming platforms offer gamers to trade and monetize these assets while enjoying their favorite games. We can safely say that with its increasing user base, NFT gaming has not just potential but a very bright future thanks to the P2E model that is in place now.

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