Pixel Art Games has Become Widely Popular

By juegoadmin | Gaming Industry | April 18th, 2022

Pixel Art Games and the Reasons Behind its Wide Popularity

When digital art and computers were getting recognized in the 1970s, that’s the time when pixel art was born. Here digital images are created with the right placement of the pixels to form a structure. Some of us might have been born in the 80s and 90s and the memory of pixel art games like Super Mario, Contra, Jungle Temple, Landscape, etc. must be still fresh.

Pixel Art Nostalgia

There is a sturdy link between pixel art games and the nostalgia associated with them. The games developed earlier used pixel art and it brings back the memories or the vibe associated with the old school games. Pixel art games were considered essential then owing to technological limitations in the 80s and 90s. But there was a gradual decline due to the introduction of PlayStation and Nintendo. In other words, pixel art lost its charm with the arrival of 3D graphics and modern technology. But it still crawled up and made its way back. Thanks to nostalgia, simplicity, and lightweight programs. If you want to dwell deep and find out how pixel art became popular, please read on.

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Why is ‘Pixel Art Games’ in Demand?

1. Reduced Production Cost

Pixel art games are easy to produce. Art visuals can be created efficiently in a short time. Hence, this results in reduced production costs. If we compare this with a 3D art game where the developer must perform texturing, modeling, lighting, rigging, and animating, the latter can get quite overwhelming. A pixel art scene could be equivalent to one of the 3d art game steps. That explains the amount of effort and time involved in the 3d and pixel art games. Pixel art games can be developed quickly and that reduces the overall delivery time.

2. Nostalgia Factor

Nostalgia is a very dominant emotion. It occurs in certain aspects of life that take you back to those golden days. Many of us during our childhood might have played pixel art-styled games. When you play these games with a modern touch of technology, it is going to get you the feeling of nostalgia. Pixel art games these days are advanced versions of what you played in your childhood and many developers are already capitalizing on that.

3. Mobile Platform

Pixel art games work well on iOS and Android platforms. There are a large number of people who use these platforms. They are inclined towards 2D format and that makes the mobile platforms suitable for pixel art games. Quick loading and short engagements are the basic requirements and developers must look for options to engage these facets.

4. Exceptional Visual Aesthetics

A 3D game provides you with a realistic vision of the real world which pixel art games cannot provide. But On the contrary, there are a significant number of gamers who find pixel art games hyper-realistic which cannot be replicated with 3D art games. Pixel art game enthusiasts find it highly immersive which does not seem to be true when compared with 3D games. But there is a different dimension of imagination required to fill the gaps in a pixelated environment and that makes it highly immersive.

5. Active Participation

Moreover, pixel art games make gamers active participants since pixel art does not have to match any standard. On the other hand, 3D art games need to match the realistic world, so it is easy to find the faults. A pixel art game character is an arrangement of a bunch of pixels. Gamers must visualize the character with their imagination with as little information available on the screen. When we try to fill these gaps, each one of us uses our imagination to make the character more realistic.

6. Sound Aesthetics

Pixel art games are not all about visuals; it uses chiptunes which are 16-bit or 8-bit format music. Like the limitations of visual art, 8-bit or 16-bit audio has its limitations. Soundtracks used in pixel art games were simple sounds that we know now as chiptunes. This limitation shaped the way music was composed. This made us synthesize catchy melodies which are ingrained in our heads for most of the iconic games. You may want to compare the sounds of vintage pixel art games with modern 3D games. You will find differences in both realms. Earlier pixel art games were limited to technology. But with the advancement in technology, sound has evolved too in pixel art games along with visuals. The hybrid model that fuses chiptunes with modern sounds creates a piece of fresh music where retro connotation is preserved and goes well with the visuals.

7. Pixel Art Game and Modern Design

Pixel art game design solutions are based on RPGs to create a remarkable gaming atmosphere. When these elements are placed right, it makes it easy for the player to recognize the game elements for smooth gameplay. On the other hand, some elements do not fit well. Hence, when an element is a focus, striking the right balance is the key. 3D games try to reinvent and develop newer versions to look new. This is the opposite in the case of pixel art games; they maintain retro aesthetics as they do not look for reinvention to look new. Pixel art games like Cave story received a positive response and they went on to touch numerous spheres of life.

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The modern pixel art game enhancements are notably visible. The pixelated flavor is enhanced with a larger screen resolution. The retro flavor is enhanced by using the 16:9 formats. Additional flavor is added by fusing non-pixel elements to blend with pixel art. Pixel artwork is going to stay here.


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