Game Environment Modeling: Essence of Building a Stunning World

By juegoadmin | Gaming Industry | March 25th, 2022

Game Environment Modeling: The Essence of Building a Stunning World

3.24 billion People play a wide variety of games available on the market. More than a few of the games on this list are remakes. But hundreds of classics are also there. So if you want to be noticed for your gaming project, you need to make a distinctive game. If you want your game to succeed, you need to pay close attention to the minor elements, such as 3D environment graphics and models.

The core and characteristics of game environment modeling will be explored in this essay. In addition, you’ll learn how to create a gaming world from start to finish, including how to avoid common pitfalls.

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What Does It Mean To “Model” A Game’s Environment Modeling?

In-game environment design is crucial in developing visual elements such as the backdrop, game items, and scenery. Some people believe that environment design is not the same as gaming map design. Below you’ll find a list of the most significant distinctions between these two options. Planning a game’s design is best done by deciding the sort of game environment modeling to use. This is so that development is both time-efficient and high-quality at the same time.

Types Of Video Game Settings

We’ll concentrate on 3D environments since modeling is a standard design tool in 3D games.

3D Design Software

3D models are used to populate a 3D game world with assets and scenarios since a game environment design is everything that surrounds players. Various applications may be used to construct models. However, there may not be enough time or necessity to design every aspect precisely.

Low-poly and high-poly models are used to create gaming environments. Polygons are digital geometric forms connected into a 3D patchwork that gives an item its characteristics and intricacies, which is the basis for these models. But how do you know which one to use, and when?

Listed below are the Solutions for Poly Models.

  • A Low-Polymer Video Game Setting

Using the low poly design, a model may be created with less time and effort. There are fewer polygons and a lower degree of detail in the objects. Secondary components and basic backdrops often fall under this category. So, if you’re short on time but still want to create a low-poly scene, you may use Unity’s asset store to create one.

  • Game World with a Lot of Polygons

When a model has to be highly detailed and realistic, a high poly design is the best option. To achieve a high level of quality, more polygons and polish are added to the assets. As a result, a high-poly sculpts or model is often helpful in the foreground. Those who like nice visuals will appreciate how much more enjoyable the game will be to play with this style of game environment modeling.

Modeling Game Environments for Different Platforms Has Certain Distinctions

Platform-specific design is impossible since mobile devices, PCs, and consoles all have varying levels of technological capability.

  • PC And Console Game World Modeling

PC and console game designers must pay close attention to details since the big screen magnifies everything. Because of this, high-poly models for the foreground and middle ground seem better and more realistic. Lighting and graphics should also be used to enhance excellent environment design. You may add the right components to the scene to make it appear more complete and immerse the viewer in the story.

  • The Creation of a Mobile Game’s Atmosphere

Because the displays on mobile devices are so tiny, the design of a mobile gaming world cannot be as large-scale and natural. As a result, the surroundings should be simple yet well-defined. This may be accomplished by using a low poly design to create distinct silhouettes and textures. As a final consideration, each item must have a specific purpose—either generating a certain mood or the story itself. Unless you do this, they’ll merely take up screen real estate.

  • Example Scenes in A 3D Environment

We may point to several well-known games as excellent instances of high-quality environment design. If you want to feel what superior environment design should look like, have a peek at theirs first!

  • The Last of Us’s Environment Design

When designing “The Last of Us,” the developers aimed to make it seem like you were in the real world. Colors, shapes, and textures are all based on the real world, and lighting and texturing are all based on nature.

  • The Design of Cyberpunk 2077’s Surroundings

For example, in the Cyberpunk world, antique doors with technologically equipped security systems might be an example of the fusion of future and retro styles. This game and its genre are known for its bright neon lights.

  • In Star Archer VR, the Environment Design Is Excellent

The Game Ace Company designed this vibrant virtual reality game that captivates players with its vibrant hues. 3DS Max and Unreal Engine 4 created a dynamic cartoon environment in which players may interact. In Star Archer, players use their archery abilities to take on avian foes.

Modeling the Environment for a Game

All games may benefit from this detailed tutorial on creating a 3D environment. These fundamental concepts will assist you in organizing your workflow or at the very least in comprehending the general flow of this procedure.

  • Planning

Collecting references from the models you wish to replicate is more efficient before producing. If you intend to model a rock, for example, get photos of the stone taken from various perspectives to make a realistic model. Blockout/grey boxing is a time-saving option after gathering references and having a clear vision of the future model. Models are gradually animated and arranged in the desired place throughout this procedure. It’s simpler to make a layout when you follow a step-by-step process. You’ll have difficulty editing some of the finer points if you start modeling straight away.

  • 3D Drafting and Design

An item may be modeled in 3D using specific software like Maya or Blender. An environment artist begins by creating a mesh in the form of the object used in the final product. For example, most objects may be constructed automatically when you require an everyday thing. Creating a high-quality and unique model is done manually when necessary. Maya with Unity 3D modeling or Unreal Engine 3D modeling is the best option for animating the completed sculpture since they provide the required capability.

  • Lighting and VFX May Be Added

Lighting is a critical component in creating a more expansive and tangible setting. The subject seems more accurate when the artist uses shadows and light to accentuate different parts of the image. UE documentation might be handy if you’re doing environment design work with it.

An essential component of environmental design is the use of visuals. A game’s entire atmosphere may be altered with the addition of rain, wind, and smog, all of which have real-world consequences. Unity has VFX documentation to aid in the creation process.

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