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Balancing Simplicity & Complexity Aspects in a Mobile Game

What do you love playing the most – simple or complex mobile games? Which one is most loved by people and can generate profit for the mobile game development company? Do you think these questions are easy to answer? Not right! Often simplicity and complexity are misunderstood parameters in developing a mobile game.

The challenge comes when the developer has to balance both simplicity and complexity in games and work to make the game a hit in the gaming community.

But for this, one thing is required to understand in what proportion these two parameters need to be balanced to make the game engaging for the gamers instead of making them bored & confused.

What Does a Good Simple Game Mean?

We misinterpret simple games as easy ones that don’t take much time to understand and play. It applies only to the kid’s games but not to every other simple game.

But, most of the best simple games are the ones that are not easy to master but easy to start. The players have to get the hang of the mechanics & basics behind the game – (like movements, jumps, attacks, etc.), grasp it, and then apply it while playing to have fun, thrill, and get satisfied.

One must feel it is simple but should take time to acquire the nuances to win the levels in the game and make it an instant hit.

People enjoy a simple game more when it’s driven with clarity in the objective and the best controls. Do you know which game economy wins – the complicated one or a simple one? It is tricky to analyze and figure it out!

A simple game economy requires you to purchase or earn in-app with a single currency, whereas when there are two currencies with an earn & buy option, it is a tough game economy.

In this fast-paced world, where people don’t have much time to allocate for various things – it gets difficult for designers to make a game that shall attract the players and keep them engaged.

When a player is trying a new game, it takes some time to realize whether this is good to go or a burden with complex rules & mechanics.

So there are a few pros & cons to consider in creating the best simple game. Simple games are accessible to everyone, given the rules, dynamics, and mechanics, but less to explore and simulate.

What Does a Good Complex Game Mean & how Much Complexity Is Required?

One of the fundamental questions is how to address the complexity of designing a game so that players should be encouraged to play and make the game a hit.

What should be the successful pattern of game complexity in mobile games? It means the complex design must be able to resonate with users’ time.

It could be achieved with a few primary objectives to be implemented in designing a game. The parameters to consider in your game design in terms of its game complexity are:-

  • Parameter 1 – User Interface – the complexity level needs to be minimum & straightforward.
  • Parameter 2 – User Flows – the complexity level needs to be minimum & straightforward.
  • Parameter 3 – Controls – the complexity level needs to be minimum & straightforward.
  • Parameter 4 – Gameplay – the complexity level needs to be minimum & straightforward.
  • Parameter 5 – Resources – the complexity level needs to be minimum & straightforward.
  • Parameter 6 – Loops / Mechanics – the complexity level needs to be minimum & straightforward.

The core reason why these parameters need to be thought seriously and implemented is that many players will leave the game in the middle if they find the game mechanics turns out to be complex. If the player finds the basics a big deal to grasp, why will they continue playing it?

Despite a lot to explore and simulate, challenging mobile games are not easily accessible. The other factor to know is the complexity level in your game design needs to be appropriate for the platform on which the game will be launched.

Why Is It Important to Balance Both Simplicity and Complexity in Games?

Striking the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity in designing a mobile game makes a game appealing and engrossing for users.

Let’s consider a few games like Hollow Knight, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty! What’s so similar in all these games? Why are they successful and the top ones to pick for playing?

Game designers made these games lovely, delightful, challenging, and exciting for gamers to play. If you look at the game design objectives – core gameplay, gameplay variation, social integration, visual progression, payment model, broadened appeal, attention, flow, etc., are simple designs with a reduction of game complexity.

So these are simple to start with but challenging to master with many exciting options in an understandable pattern without breaking one’s head to get to the next level.


Nowadays, any mobile game development company finds it hard and risky to grab the audience’s attention and make a game profitable. You must know how to balance both simplicity and complexity in games sensibly.

If you find it difficult, Juego Studios, one of the top game development companies, is ready to offer world-class mobile game development services incorporating the discussed factors. Let us know, and do reach out to us to make your game profitable and enjoyable to the gaming community!!

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