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By juegoadmin | Mobile Game Development | August 24th, 2023

Top Features of a Mobile Game

Mobile games are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds over the years. The advancing graphics and technology make mobile games alluring. According to Statista, the revenue of the mobile games market will reach US $286.50 billion in 2023 and has a CAGR of 7.08%. 

Approximately 62% of users download one or the other mobile game within a week of buying a new phone. The appeal of mobile games is undeniable. But the industry is highly competitive. You must create a game that instantly clicks with the potential audience for it to be successful.

The unique mobile game features contribute to the popularity of the games. The convenience to engage anywhere at any time to attractive rewards- several mobile game features contribute to its success. Let us explore the different features a mobile game development company must consider to create an engaging game.

Why Are Mobile Games so Popular?

Mobile games have gained immense popularity among all age groups. Several factors contribute to its popularity:

  • Convenience

The first and foremost factor that contributes to the popularity of mobile games is the convenience associated with it. Anyone can play the games from anywhere and anytime sans additional gear to play games on the phone. Also, non-gamers can develop an interest in gaming by trying out mobile games. All you need is a mobile with enough storage. Users can easily engage in the games to relieve stress or enjoy hardcore gaming.

  • Free to Play

Most mobile games are free to play. Thus, players can easily download and start playing and try different games. You can complete levels in a short period with most free-to-play mobile games. Users easily engage during leisure time without hampering their daily work. Occasionally such games have in-app purchases and players can choose to invest in them if they want.

  • Variety of Games

There is a wide variety of video games available for mobile. From RPGs to first-person shooter games, racing games, and hyper-casual games- you will find mobile versions of all. Since most games are free, the variety is more accessible to all. Players can try out a new game by installing it from Playstore or equivalent platforms. These days, there is a growing popularity of play-to-earn games too, where players can earn quick cash.

  • Scope of Earning

The mobile game gives the scope to earn players these days. Casino games, even ludo games, and similar board games have mechanisms that let users earn through the gameplay. This is another factor that makes mobile games attractive to users. Many people without gaming inclination try these games simply to earn the rewards and eventually start enjoying the game.

  • Multiplayer and In-Game Chat

It is very convenient to enjoy multiplayer modes in mobile games as well as in-game chat.  Adding these mobile game features does not require additional gear, but can easily attract more users. When players can collaborate with friends and family, they are more interested in using these multiplayer games for mobile.

11 Notable Features of Every Successful Mobile Video Games

There are certain unique features of a mobile game that distinguish it from others. From design to game mechanics- these features define mobile games and also contribute to their success if implemented correctly:

  • Graphics

The graphics, design, and animation are crucial mobile game features to note. The most successful mobile game has memorable graphics that get the players hooked instantly. The mobile screen is small, so developers must create an impact with rich graphics that is not hindered by the limited screen size. With an abundance of games in every genre available on mobile, it is crucial to create impactful graphics that make the users loyal to the platform the moment they witness it. 

At the same time, the game should not be so heavy that it starts lagging on standard smartphones. Take the example of Ninja Arashi and the Genshin Impact.

Ninja Arashi Is a 2D game with very simple shadow game art. The screen is not cluttered and only necessary elements are represented against a monochromatic background. The control buttons are also strategically placed so that you do not lose vision of the gameplay.

On the other hand, Genshin Impact has a colorful and elaborate 3D anime world. The expressive and colorful game characters and Paimon’s quirks, instantly impact the player’s psyche.

  • Simple Gameplay Mechanism

The gameplay mechanism is generally simpler for mobile games. The game controls are on the screen and players can easily manage them with touch and motion sensing of their phone. The mechanism must be created keeping in mind that the game gets controlled through touch mostly.

Generally, the gameplay of major hits among mobile games is simple and relaxed- something that can be easily operated in your leisure time or any position. The levels are shorter, and the goals are more straightforward. Even in elaborate RPGs, the objective is simple and one can quickly navigate through touch. As a result, users can engage without affecting their usual lifestyle.

A game development studio always aims to create mobile games with simple features that can be quickly adapted by players. This way they can appeal to the masses that also include non-gamer mobile users. Such consumers install games mostly to relieve stress during their free time. 

Games like Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga, Tetris Mania, and Project Makeover appeal to such players. They can engage and yet stay relaxed as such games do not demand much strategizing or intellectual involvement.

  • Sound Effects

Emphasis on sound effects is one of the key features of a mobile game. Quality sound can engage players and can affect their performance for the better. From soothing background scores to simple sound effects, it is very effective to engage players. 

For example, in Candy Crush, every time you correctly match the same colored candies Mr. Toffee says “Sweet”, “Delicious”, “tasty”, “divine” and so on. It encourages the players and has an addictive touch that keeps them engaged.

Similarly, the eerie but captivating theme music of Genshin Impact starts right when you open the app. While the latest updates and inventory load, the music plays in the hauntingly beautiful background. It keeps the players engaged and eager to wait till the game starts.

  • Fast Loading Time

A mobile game must feature faster and less loading time. In most cases, players are looking for instant gratification when they log in to a game. If they have to wait a long time for it to get updated and all game elements loaded every time they open the game, they lose interest. This means the overall size of the game should be compact enough and easier to download quickly with a standard internet connection. 

However, it is tricky to achieve in games as large as Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 which is almost 2.4GB plus additional updates. This is where a promise of excellent gameplay and engaging graphics comes to play. Players would wait when they know there is something worthy to look forward to. Marketing the game comes into play here but that is an entirely different topic calling for its dedicated discussion.

  • Compatibility

One of the crucial mobile game features is its compatibility with different mobile platforms. A good mobile game app must be compatible with all mobile platforms to maximize the reach of the game. Video game development services from a reputed company can ensure the mobile game has cross-platform compatibility. This way the game will be accessible from Android, Windows, iOS, and all other mobile platforms. Let us delve into the market share of different mobile OS and its user share. This would give better clarity on the potential reach of a mobile game created for different platforms.

Mobile OS Market Share as Of July 2023
Mobile OS Users
Android 70.9%
iOS 28.36%
Windows 0.02%
Samsung 0.38%
KaiOS 0.15%


  • Leaderboard

Gamers are generally highly competitive, irrespective of the platform. Also, in most cases, we love to flaunt our achievements. Needless to say, leaderboards are a feature that instantly attracts players to a specific game. Especially if the leaderboard can be synced to social media account and displayed there, it further makes the game appealing. Leaderboard works best for highly competitive games like racing games, board games, racing games, and shooter games too. There are different types of leaderboards such as:

  • Event leaderboard
  • Global leaderboard
  • Country leaderboard
  • Player vs. friends leaderboard
  • Guild leaderboard 

Players should be able to check the leaderboard whenever they want. Moreover, features like displaying the leaderboard after every player achievement keeps the players engaged to keep getting better.

  • Social Features

Social features are particularly diverse for mobile games. From in-game chat options to social currency- there are several mobile game social features to consider. Unlike traditional games, social features are in much higher demand in mobile games. Constant internet connectivity and accessibility of mobile phones allow users to play and stay connected with their friends simultaneously. Hence, there is a natural inclination among consumers to choose mobile games with various social features. Here is what consumers interested in social features look for in a mobile game these days:

  • PvP Mode- Players compete in real-time against each other- the mode is a popular online multiplayer strategy game.
  • Social Currency- These make the game more interactive as players can earn them through social activities and interact with other players in the process.
  • Send/Ask for Help- This works if you get stuck anywhere in the game- a feature popularized by Pokemon Go.
  • Social Media Connection- Logging into social media lets players share the latest achievements with others automatically and even earn rewards for connecting.
  • Spectator Mode- This is a fun mode where the players can simply watch others play from a third or first-person view and also learn their tactics. 
  • Rewards and Goals

The rewards are more attractive in mobile games and goals are comparatively short-termed. This is unique to mobile games as players tend to look for the next best game when they feel disengaged or if the game hampers their usual routine. Especially for mobile games, users look for options that they can enjoy during their leisure and complete objectives quicker. Take the example of a game like Temple Run or Subway Surfers where an average is at most 15-20 minutes or a level in Candy Crush that you can complete in 5-7minutes at most. Thus, users can relieve themselves occasionally by playing mobile games.

  • Chat and Multiplayer Mode

Chat and multiplayer mode is a unique feature that is incorporated into various mobile games. This feature is found in many PC and console games too. But the advantage of mobile games is that you do not need additional gear to engage in chat with other players.

Multiplayer games are highly popular because players can engage with their friends while enjoying the game. The feature is particularly noted in battle royal games and certain board games like Ludo where people have to collaborate to win. 

Take the example of PUBG Battlegrounds, where players can engage in messages as well as over voice chat. There are also template texts which players can quickly send during the game without getting distracted from the mission. This engages the players and makes the collaborative feature make the game addictive.

  • Updates and New Features

Mobile games must get updated frequently to keep them relevant with the times. This is a typical feature of mobile games. The mobile game market has an abundance of apps available today. To stay relevant, existing games must get updated frequently so that players stay engaged with the platform. 

Updates include new features, characters, collectibles, and fixing existing issues of the game. This is one of the key mobile game features that keep the users hooked to a platform. For example, Genshin Impact has been updating the game content ever since the launch with new characters, quests, and regions to explore. These updates ensure that existing gamers have something new to look forward to while new players download the game even today to explore a more wholesome gaming experience.

  • Simple Controls

Another noteworthy feature of a mobile game is the simplicity of control. Mobile games primarily rely on motion sensory features, touch feedback, and location features as controls. You do not need expensive and additional gears to control your player. Unlike PC or control, you do not have complex key combinations to pull off a particularly complicated move in a game. One tap or two taps, long-pressing, etc. on the on-screen keys are enough. 

The developers aim towards simplifying the game controls to make their game more accessible and interesting to the masses. Take the example of Genshin Impact which can be played on PC as well. But navigating the player or combatting enemies on mobile compared to PC is much easier because of the tactile feedback on touch. On a keyboard, you have to simultaneously press several keys to perform a complex move that is much more tedious.

  • Notification

Last but not least mobile game features are the notification. You stay updated about the game on the go and at all times. However, this is a subjective feature, and not every player loves it. Also, there must be a fine line between notifying and spamming, or else players would be quick to uninstall the game. The notification feature works best for battle royal games, play-to-earn games, and certain RPG games. 

For instance, in Pokemon GO, you get a notification every time an egg hatches. Or in PUBG Battlefront, where you get notifications on raids or your team’s position. A notification can be as simple as a reminder to feed your Talking Tom or an update about exclusive bonuses and tournaments on a play-to-earn game platform.

Wrapping Up

The various mobile game features that make them unique also contribute to the success of such games. From simple game controls to stunning graphics- these apps can captivate consumers with these various features. While some of these features may not be unique to mobile games alone, the approach of mobile game development customizes these features to match the requirement of mobile gaming. The key is to consider consumer expectations and incorporate these features to design a successful game.

Juego Studios offers a wide range of services including mobile game development. From conceptualizing to designing the video game- we can make your dream project a reality. Get outstanding game development services at Juego Studios- animation, 2D/3D modeling, metaverse services, you get it all.

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