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Best Game Development Companies in Singapore

Singapore, a small and culturally diversified island nation is also a renowned global financial centre. They have people from different ethnicities and cultures harmoniously living together. Not only that, the island is also one of the best tourist destinations in the world. 

Though the nation is small, it has so much potential for business growth. The gaming industry is one such pursuit, that has gained so much potential for growth in recent times, to put it precisely aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic lead to the growth of the gaming market in Singapore. 

Statistics show that the gaming sector is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.9% from 2022 to 2030. Therefore, many are interested in developing video games. And here we have provided a list of top gaming companies in Singapore.

What are the Factors to Look Before Hiring Game Studios in Singapore?

There are certain factors that anyone who is interested in making games should look into before hiring a game development company. We have listed them below. 

  • Experience

When you are looking to hire game developers in Singapore, you need to make sure the company has previous experience in developing video games, the kind of services they provide, and also if they have experience in working with cutting-edge technology. You also need to check if they have expertise in making games in the particular genre of games you need.

  • Platforms

Some companies make games for specific platforms like consoles and PC but not for mobile devices. You need to make sure the company can produce games on the specific platforms you need. Also, make sure to check if the company provides cross-platform game development services and porting services, as they can come in handy or else you need to outsource another game developer to avail those services.

  • Cost Factor

Video game development cost is an important factor to consider when you plan on making a game. The cost of game development varies based on the type of game you wanted to create and also the size of the team. 

Also, make sure to check their payment model (which might be an hourly rate or fixed rate) and also their billing method.

  • Company Portfolio

A company’s portfolio consists of the previous games created by them and case studies. By reading the portfolio, you can get an idea of the kind of games they create, the technologies they use, their game development process, and their successful game titles.

Best Game Development Companies in Singapore

1. Juego Studios

Juego Studios is one of the best game development companies with 10+ years of experience in developing games using cutting-edge technologies such as Unity, Unreal, Playcanvas, Maya, and Cocos 2dx. They make games in multiple genres from casual games to AAA games for various platforms including PC, consoles, mobile, and tablet devices. Their specialization lies in the metaverse, AR/VR, NFT, and Blockchain game development. 

Moreover, they make tailor-made games for marketing and brand promotions based on the client’s requirements. Also, they have a talented team of game artists who provide various game art services including concept art, 2D/3D art, modeling and texturing, animation, asset creation,  and visual effects.

The company has worked with some of the most renowned brands including Warner Brothers, Disney, Bullseye Studio, Amazon, and Flipkart. They have been featured in Forbes India Marquee Entrepreneurial Special 2021 as one of the fastest-growing and most successful game development companies.

Their notable games include Medals of War, AFL2 Evolution, Hopster, and School of Dragons.

2. Bandai Namco Studio

Bandai Namco, established in 2013 is one of the very popular Singapore game developers. It is a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Group whose headquarters is situated in Japan. They have made games in multiple genres such as Action, Adventure, Role-playing, arcade, strategy, fighting, puzzle, and many more games. Apart from that, they also make games for various gaming platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox series. They have been providing game development services for more than 10 years and have created some of the most impressive games which have been downloaded and played by millions of players around the globe.

Their notable games include the Tales of Arise, Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival, and Elden Ring.

3. Binacle

Binacle is a game development company in Singapore founded in 2021 Binura De Zoysa, and

Anish Wijesingh. They have built 25+ games so far and their specialization lies in making casual games, puzzle games, and arcade games. Their games have reached 15 million + downloads among people worldwide and they are available in the google play store and apple store. Their games also have 30+ million organic reach within the span of two years. These game developers provide mobile game development services and PC game development services to their clients. Their publishing partners are Crazy Labs, Lion Studios, Coda, Voodoo, and Super Sonic.

Games made by them include First to Life, Perfect Dipping, Grow Tree Run, and Perfect Snap.

4. XII Braves 

XII Braves pride itself as one of the best AAA mobile game development company in Singapore. It was founded in 2014 by game veterans who have worked with many AAA mobile game titles. Their company has offices at two locations and employs 87 game developers,  game artists, project managers, programmers, and game testers. 

From game concept design to post-game launch, they take care of all the game development process. They launched their first mobile AAA game Valiant Force in 2016, which became a big hit among gamers worldwide. 

Their upcoming AAA game titles include Valiant Force 2, Arathos Awaits, and Shining Beyond.

5. Boomzap Entertainment

Boomzap Entertainment was founded in 2005 in Singapore as a casual game development company and has successfully made 50+ games so far. They have a purely virtual office set up and have been mentioned in Gamesutra, and Casual Games Association Magazine for their virtual game development processes. Their games are available on Big Fish Games, Yahoo, WildTangent, GameHouse, Google Play, Steam, and others. Apart from that, they make games for gaming platforms such as PC, and gaming consoles.

Some of their games include I Love Finding Cats and Pups, Paint by Pixel 3, Just Find It 2, and So Much Stuff 2.

6. Lionfish Studios

With 5+ years of experience in video game publishing and developing, Lionfish Studios has delivered nearly 100 successful projects to their clients. It is one of the renowned Singapore video game companies and has secured 30+ loyal customers to date who keep coming back to them for their professionalism. Applied game design, gamification, full-service game development, and storytelling are some of the gaming services provided by them. Apart from that, they make games for PC and Mobile platforms. Their clients are some of the iconic brands who are Cisco, PBrain, Ministry of Education Singapore, and Merck.

Warriors of the Sea, Ninja Apprentice, Super Parcel Panic, and Lion City Heroes are some of their best works.

7. Trinax

Trinax is a very popular game development studio in Singapore whose mission is to develop games for marketing to make the customers interact and engage with the brand. It was founded in 2011 in Singapore and since then it became a trusted brand for businesses for developing exciting and interactive games. They make games in more than 13 genres including arcade games, casual games, and strategy games for various platforms. Some of their trusted clients include DBS, UO, Credit Suisse, and Google.

Their best games are Sembawang Town Council Watch Out!, DBS | Light Money Matchmaker, CIMB Bank Arcade of Discovery, and many more.

8. Swag Soft

Swag Soft is a game development company based in Singapore that excels in providing a variety of game development services including AR/VR game development services, NFT game development services, game design services, concept art services, and game prototype development services. They have been making games for platforms such as PC and Mobile. They also offer end-to-end game development services to their customers, making games from the initial concept phase till the game-launch phase. Additionally, they also offer post-launch services to rectify any errors, and technical glitches and help with any game upgradation.

Gordian Quest, Building the Lion, Pigs Can Fly, and Samsung Floor Salesman Hero are some of the notable games made by them.

9. Zitga Studio

Zitga is one of the top game development companies in Singapore that was founded in 2015 by Tung Luong. They excel in making awe-inspiring mobile games for the global audience on Android and iOS platforms. They provide end-to-end game development services following agile methodology and transparent communication with their clients. They have a talented team of game artists and game developers who have many years of experience in creating mobile games. Additionally, they also provide video game publishing services and marketing services depending on the customer’s request. 

They are widely recognized for their games such as Stickman Legends, Empire Defender, and Empire Warrior.

10. LambdaMu Games

Launched in 2009, LambdaMu Games is an award-winning gaming studio for creating immersive and highly engaging mobile games. They make games for both Android and iOS platforms. They have won the Editors Choice Best Made-in-Singapore Game Digital Life Awards 2014 given by Straits Times. They are good at developing strategy games, free-to-play games, and casual games and have developed 10+ games in different genres. Also, they have partnered with Chilingo, which is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. One interesting fact about this company is that they are located in a secret underwater base off the coast of Singapore. 

Infinight, 4Towers, Dice Soccer, and Pixel People are some of their successful mobile games.


In conclusion, Singapore has some of the best mobile and video game development companies that provide a variety of game development services from game development to marketing services. Despite that, there are game studios that make custom-made games for marketing and brand promotions. 

Tip: To reduce the game development cost, you can try offshore outsourcing. It helps in reducing the game development cost and time.

If you wanted to know the estimated game development cost, reach out to us. We will get back to you within a day or two.

Juego Studios is a leading game development company extending our game development services worldwide. We provide game design, concept art, 2D/3D art, animation, modeling, and many other services. Also, we use cutting-edge technology to provide innovative and immersive experiences for our players.

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