A Play-To-Earn NFT Card Game

Age of Gods
NFT, Card
Art style
2D Stylized
iOS,Android, Desktop/PC


Age of Gods is an NFT-based card game featuring gods from ancient mythologies around the globe.


  • Play-to-Earn: By participating in battles and completing in-game challenges, players can earn rewards in the form of tokens or other valuable in-game items.
  • In-Game Marketplace: Players can exchange their NFTs and other in-game items, such as card packs or other NFTs.
  • Guild Mode: A multi-player mode with guild battles, a guild store, and guild challenges where players can team up with other players to compete against other guilds and earn rewards.
  • Progression System: Players can level up their gods and unlock new abilities to gain an advantage in battles.
  • Boss Battles: Players can face off against powerful boss characters to earn rare rewards and advance in the game.
  • Leaderboard: A global leaderboard where players can showcase their achievements and compete against other players.
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