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With more standalone devices and smartphones offering dedicated support for augmented reality, the market for AR based apps is set to grow by leaps and bounds. Juego Studios provides augmented reality app design and development solutions for interactive applications in a variety of sectors including entertainment, manufacturing and retail. Apart from creating engaging AR-based apps for gaming using the latest platforms including ARCore & ARKit, we also use AR technology to build enterprise-level solutions that solve industry-specific problems.

Location-based AR

Location Based AR App - Developed by Juego Studios, Augmented Reality Company

AR apps that use the device’s GPS, compass and accelerometer to accurately pinpoint location. We developed GPS treasure Hunt, a promotional app that uses AR technology to read the user’s location as they move across spaces.

Marker-based AR

The use of image recognition to identify visual markers on physical objects. Marker based AR can be used to estimate the orientation and position of a camera with respect to the real world frame.

Superimposition-based AR

Advanced AR applications that use object recognition to completely replace existing views of the object with augmented views.

Visual Experience Enabled by Augmented Reality - Juego Studios, Best AR Game Developers in India, UK & USA


Build interactive AR applications using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping to map environments and to aid indoor navigation and positioning.

Cloud recognition

Use cloud storage to create advanced, optimized AR experiences for mobile devices that can recognize thousands of markers.

3D object tracking

Integrate object tracking features to develop complex AR apps that can recognize every-day objects, such as boxes, toys, and more.

Smart glasses support

Build advanced AR applications for AR headsets like HoloLens and Google Glass that support gesture recognition and voice control.

Platforms we work with

We’re one of the few augmented reality companies in India that build AR apps for mobile devices, smart glasses as well as head-mounted displays like the HoloLens.


We develop revolutionary AR applications for iOS 11 that use built-in camera, processors and motion sensors of iPhones and iPad with Apple’s latest AR platform.


Use Google’s newest AR platform ARCore to create engaging AR apps, mapping, shopping apps and more for Android smartphones and tablets.


Our AR developers use this SDK to create advanced AR apps for a broad range of mobile and tablet devices including iPhone and iPad.

Interactive AR solutions for a range of applications

Customer experience:

Use AR technology to deliver engaging, interactive customer experiences to drive sales and increase brand loyalty. AR overlays can let users view product sizes, colours and features at the press of a button.


Augmented Reality Enabled World of Opportunities - Juego Studios, Augmented Reality Company in India, UK & USA

Reach out to customers in new and exciting ways with AR based marketing and promotional apps. Enhance static print ads and catalogues with embedded digital content, interactive videos and more.

Manufacturing, service and repairs:

Learn using Augmented Reality - Juego Studios, Augmented Reality Game Developers in India, UK & USA

Simplify assembly and maintenance processes with easily accessible interactive digital content. Use AR overlays to visually illustrate assembly and troubleshooting procedures.


Elevate learning and development modules with feature-rich, interactive applications that present digital content in unique ways.

Juego Studios is an augmented reality app development company that creates AR apps for entertainment, enterprise and consumer level applications. Our team of 150+ professionals consists of some of the best creative and technical talents in the industry. Based in India, with offshore offices in the USA, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia, we’ve completed over 200+ successful projects for 80+ clients spread over 20+ countries.

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