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The Strong Watch VR Surveillance System offers a product demonstration of a VR experience with both in-vehicle and exterior views, including a 360-degree perspective. It supports Xbox controller integration and PC simulation of the FREEDOM On-The-Move system. Users can switch between HD color and thermal imaging, adjust camera elevation, zoom, focus, and capture snapshots. Additionally, it features a laser range finder for distance measurement and multiple viewing modes for enhanced surveillance capabilities.


VR Experience: 

  • In-Vehicle and Exterior View: Users can experience the surveillance system from both inside and outside the vehicle. 
  • 360-Degree View: Allows users to look around the vehicle’s interior and surroundings in all directions. 

Controller Integration: 

  • Xbox Controller Support: Users can control the surveillance system using an Xbox controller connected to a PC. 
  • PC Simulation: Simulate the operation of the FREEDOM On-The-Move (FOTM) system on a PC in both fixed and mobile modes. 

Camera Controls: 

  • HD Color and Thermal Modes: Switch between high-definition color and thermal imaging modes with 5 variations. 
  • Camera Elevation: Elevate the camera from the vehicle to get a better view of the surroundings. 
  • Zoom Control: Zoom in and out to focus on specific areas of interest. 
  • Auto & Manual Focus: Choose between automatic and manual focus modes for the camera. 

Snapshot and Recording: 

  • Take Snapshots: Capture images of anything suspicious directly from the VR interface. 

Laser Range Finder (LRF): 

  • Distance Measurement: Measure the distance to objects of interest. 
  • Grid Coordinates: Obtain latitude and longitude coordinates for precise location tracking. 

View Modes: 

  • Multiple Color Modes: View in different color modes, including red, black, and white. 
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