Demo of a strong surveillance system

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Strong Watch: Showcase a VR experience of the “FREEDOM On-The-Move Mobile Video Surveillance System” (“FOTM”). which consist of 2 parts:
  • A VR Experience of the In-Vehicle and back of the vehicle view of the Surveillance System.
  • Surveillance System observation via Xbox controller and PC  This aspects of the concept would allow a user with an Xbox controller and PC to simulate the operation of FOTM on a standard PC in a fixed and mobile mode to get the same look and feel as if they were controlling an actual system in the field.


  • The Xbox controller connected to a PC allows the user to view the surrounding environment in the HD Color mode & Thermal mode.
  • The user can elevate the camera from the vehicle.
  • The user can view the display that shows the camera view.
  • The user can move his head and will be able to view 360 degree view of the vehicle interior and the outside surrounding.
  • View mode (HD Color/ Thermal/ Red/ Black/ White)
  • Zoom view- control Zoom action of surveillance system via controller
  • Take a snapshot is anything found suspicious
  • Auto & Manual focus modes.
  • The Laser Range Finder (LRF) is utilized to get the distance, as well as the grid coordinates (latitude / longitude), of an item of interest (IOI)


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