Advantage of Unity 3D Game Development

By Juegostudio | Unity Game Development | February 17th, 2020

Advantage of Unity 3D Game Development

Game Development has significantly advanced in terms of graphics, network, technology augmentation, and real-time performance. There are now several players in the market, who are looking to take game design and development to more users and across wider platforms.

Having said that, one game engine that stands out among the rest is Unity 3D. It is a powerful game engine that works across platforms and is highly user-friendly to both experts and beginners. If you are looking for a game engine that is advanced and can render real-world graphics without taking much processing power then, Unity 3D is the one.

Think about these statistics! The top 34 % of free mobile games available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are made by Unity. Fascinating isn’t it? Unity 3Ds’ gaming platforms help build games that have reached over 500+ million gamers worldwide and that number is increasing year-on-year. Without a hint of doubt, it is one the most preferred game engines in the market.

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Unity 3d For Games

Unity 3D gaming solutions are one the best in the business. The cross-platform engine assists game developers in building games that can be used in:

PC and Console Games

This offers rich visuals and developer-friendly tools and toolkits that not only increases your ability to make changes but also gets ultimate performance for your games.

Instant Games

A flagship product from Unity Technologies, Project Tiny,  develops games that are light, fast, small, with new run-time and reliability across segments.

Mobile Games

Perhaps, one of the most popular platforms where Unity 3D gaming solutions are used. In Mobile games, this platform is a master with device-ready content, optimization and monetization opportunities.

AR and VR Games

AR/VR games have gained massive popularity over the past decade. Unity 3D helps realize those dreams into reality with instantaneous real-time tools that offer wide creative possibilities powering AR/VR engines.


Game developers often want their game to be as close as to the real world in terms of graphics. The graphics should make the gamer feel like “being in the game” kind of experience. Unity3Ds’ Asset store, which has great 3D models for animations, shaders, textures — components that make the experience better and real. If you want to buy sound features and gameplay assets, Unity 3D also allows you to do that because it is masterful at everything. Let’s look at it this way, some people are great developers, some are great at graphics or animation, some are superb with music – basically, diversity is what makes Unity 3D a great asset tool that helps bring many features into one single platform and create something really unique and indigenous.


If you are looking for end-to-end game design with great development modules and additional support and maintenance, you’ve come to the right place at Juego Studios.

We at Juego Studios provide one of the best, if not the most comprehensive solution to assist you in designing, developing and making your product market-ready.  We are experts in creating economical, reliable and expansive game designs and development features.

We are one of the leaders in the game design and game development category, offering start-to-finish solutions. Our team, with over 150+ designers, developers, artists, animators, graphic designers and more help you get your game from idea to reality. We build and deploy games across platforms, especially in PC, web, mobile and console platforms. We are slowly making or marking in AR and VR game development. Our numerous games have won multiple accolades using the latest technology and network integration. We develop games from the 2D platform to the 3D engine to the AR/VR environment.  

Juego Studios prides itself on creating fun and exciting games that push the barrier with the most advanced tools and latest frameworks in the market. We work with multiple game engines but the one  featured here is the Unity 3D.

Let’s take a look at why we develop so many of our games in Unity 3D. 

9 Major Advantages of Unity 3D Game Development:

  • Multiple Platforms Advantages 

Perhaps, one of the biggest reasons Unity 3D is preferred amongst game developers worldwide is the ability to build, manage and deploy games cross-platform. This means game developers are not bound to one single platform and hence can render to over 25 large platforms spanning across mobile, PC, console, television and more recently AR and VR too! This kind of ease and flexibility is what makes the career of game development so exciting and refreshing.

  • Effective and Reliable

According to a report in 2018, Unity Technologies and its flagship gaming engine Unity 3D had over 60% of the market share in the Augmented and Virtual Reality space with over 40% mobile gaming platforms using the platform to develop games. It is effective, reliable and preferred by multiple gamers across the world.

  • Developer and Editor

Great features like Play Mode, Timeline Story Tools, Real-Time Global Illumination and Advanced Memory Profiling with Retargetable Animators, make Unity3D  — a powerful and, advanced but simple to use editor with a whole package.

  • Multiple Rendering

Having won multiple awards for its game development system, Unity 3D is perhaps amongst the top 3 platforms in the world for game rendering and deployment. While it is superfast with 2D rendering models the platform is also great at 3D rendering.

  • Play Mode

One of the best tools for rapid iterative editing. The play mode feature in Unity 3D is one of the most popular features in the game engine. It helps the developer, to instantly look and play inside the game, test and review it as well. It helps in the ease of testing how things can work out without much hassle and if one encounters a bug or feels the game isn’t functioning properly it can be paused and altered as per the liking of the game developer and results are updated immediately. Frame to frame referencing can also be achieved using the Play or Play Plus Mode.

  • Multiplayer Systems

One of the simplest and easiest ways to create a networked and real-time game system is by using the Unity 3D platform. The amazing multiplayer experience provided with this game engine is not only customizable but faster implemented and scalable. Unity 3D as a platform makes it possible for you to build integrated multiplayer systems that use matchmakers and relay servers.

  • Great Visual Experience

Unity 3D is a great visual platform and a great platform for creating visual experiential games. The application is excellent and when compared to many other technologies is less complicated and simple.

  • Analytics and More

Unity 3D has built-in analytics that any game developer or client can find within the editor. With Unity Analytics you can get, discover and make use of insights about the game. It can give you great insights into developing a better platform and make minor changes for a stupendous experience for the players.

  • Developer Community

The Unity Developer Community is a place for any and all developers to come to share their challenges and suggestions for improving the system and make familiarity with the engine in a quick time.

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All said and done, the Unity 3D Game Development is its multi-platform, all-in-one package. Game developers can import games developed from other platforms iOS, PC, Play Store or other game consoles. Developers can choose to engage in minimum game modifications to get the maximum advantage of the functionalities with Unity 3D.

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