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By juegoadmin | Unity Game Development | October 19th, 2021

Reasons Why You Need to Pick Unity Game Development for Creating a 2D Game

Are you a game freak and always stay on your toes to develop mind-boggling games? Developing a 2D game like Super Meat Boy or Ori and the Blind Forest has always remained a favorite among game enthusiasts. So, are you dreaming about creating a 2D game? Well, think of 2D Game and Unity Game Development comes to mind. Want to know why? Read on!

Why is Unity so Attractive?

Unity facilitates you in creating the best 2D games like Alto’s Adventure, Hitman Sniper, Forgotten Anne, or Monument Valley 2 without any hitch. While there are many gaming development studios like JuegoStudio who love to use Unity Engine for amazing 3D features, it is greatly suited for 2D games as well. By employing Unity, you can develop 2D games which are amicable with various consoles. There are a plethora of advantages to Unity Engine for 2D game development that game development companies and game developers are in love with.

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14 Reasons You Need to Pick Unity for 2D Game Development:

● Multi-platform advantage

This is possibly the greatest positive of using Unity Game Development. It is compatible with multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox, Playstation, Steam, and more. Unity also makes it uncomplicated to migrate or relocate your game to different platforms. Unity makes it extremely easier to port your game across platforms.

● Have commendable developer team

While you create your own 2D game, there might be times when you are stuck with a doubt or a bug. With Unity, you get the best gaming support from a group of reliable developers. Without their help, you will probably end up creating a faulty game with too many glitches.

● Legible Scripting language

Unity uses the most popular scripting languages like C# and Java. You will feel easy to work with both these languages while creating your 2D game.

● Free to start

That’s the best part of using Unity for 2D games. It is entirely free if you do not want to get hold of the Pro version. No worries, the free version is also packed with all features. Once you gradually progress with your game development, you can switch to Pro-version for advanced features.

● Versatile

Think of any feature your 2D game needs like high-definition graphics, animated objects, etc. Unity is highly versatile in handling any sort of 2D engine and features. It is known to extend the best of all worlds with its comprehensive tools like input system, animation system, and so on.

● Asset Store

Asset creation can be one of the most daunting tasks of 2D game development. Be it tweaking the animations, or sculpting 3D models, adding texture, or anything in the world to make it look attractive and realistic, Unity has it all.

● Easy to use

No wonder, Unity is extremely easy to use and implement, even if you are a beginner in creating 2D games. The platform is not complex at all, though in the initial stages you might take a little time to grab the basics of it. But it is all worth the effort! You can smoothly develop your first 2D game even without assistance from any professional.

● Multiple online guidance is available

This is another best part of using Unity Engine for your 2D game. Learning about Unity is very easy since there are a number of websites available out there to guide you with documentation to get you started and get going. You may even go to the Unity website to go through the podcasts and tutorials to enhance your skills and get professional guidance while crafting your 2D game.

● Modular editor

Unlike many game-development tools, Unity is not static. It is devoid of any static features etched in stone. It comes packed with a bunch of functionalities that you can add to the editor which you can get to see from the Package Manager. You can easily add those with a simple click. Additionally, there are some experimental packages for you to play around with. If you want any other bespoke features, you can always craft your own in-editor functionality using the same scripting language you are using for your 2D game.

● The meaningful meet

Unity used to host a yearly event that used to be a confluence of early adopters and other folks at Unity. They used to speak about all the exciting and new things going on in Unity. With all growing Unity now, this yearly event happens multiple times across the globe in a year. The event known as Unite is a wonderful catch-up to get introduced to new people, meet Unity developers, and learn all the cool technology already on the way.

● Good for beginners

Being a fresher in the field, there are many gaming software and tools which can let you feel bogged down with their complicated features. Thankfully, Unity is out of the league with its easy tools for you to start with. Bolt, the visual scripting tool, included in every Unity plan has made the game easier for newbies. Bolt lets gamers apply logic while creating games without having to code. So, even if you are new to coding, it is not an inconvenience!

● Fast and agile

Unity is an extremely swift engine that can help you create your 2D game very fast and with simple coding. So, there is no head-hitting in crafting games with Unity; it is all agile here.

● Well-suited for VR developers

Unity is all compatible with VR platforms. The new features, APIs as well as paradigms with Unity go well with VR powerhouses. Additionally, Unity is popular for small teams and that is what VR development teams are. Unity definitely has VR abilities and that is an extremely important advantage considering that VR is the cutting-edge technology of the modern day.

● Build your own tool

Yes, Unity enables you to construct your own tool by employing its asset store. If you want a long, complex, brain-storming game, Unity lets you build your own tools for that. Now, if you want a small quick game, Unity will render stuff and plugins and a lot of flexibility for you. But its fundamentals can’t be twitched.

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