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By juegoadmin | Game Development | July 28th, 2021


Do you know what makes a game successful? Well, technical effects and gameplay are always there. But another factor that decides the fate of your game is the storyline.

If you create a game with the best technical features and a dull storyline, it won’t’ take off. It may not be necessarily true. But in most cases, your game won’t be a huge success.

It’s because an exciting storyline is what people crave. If you don’t have one, the players will lose interest and perhaps move to another game. If you want to learn more information regarding storylines and their prominence, read along.

What is a storyline and why is it essential in Game Development?

You can think of a storyline as a sequence of connected events that occur one after the other. The storyline is simply like a story of which the player is a part.

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Here is why a storyline is vital in game development.

1. Curiosity:

Curiosity is something that attracts all players once and for all. A player will come to your game even if it has average graphics but is intriguing. And a good storyline is what you need to arouse the curiosity of your players. This will glue them to your game even if it is boring.

2. Involvement:

A great storyline can help your player feel involved in the game. If the main character has not much to do, he’ll get bored somewhere in the middle. It’s the reason an interactive storyline is vital in a game.

A better flow and understanding of a game:

A story can help your player understand how a game flows. Or it helps your player understand what he needs to perform inside the game. If a player is not aware of his actions, he’ll get bored and leave the game. So, make sure to include a storyline with a flow.

Take The Walking Dead, for example. The player acts as a protagonist Lee Everett in the game. He must stay alive amid the rising zombie apocalypse. The storyline is captivating. It’s one of the prime reasons why this game has grown to become so viral.

Why do most games without a good storyline fail?

This usually happens because the game developers and designers think from their perspective. They put in complex graphics and expect success. But this usually leads to failure. The player finds the game boring and leaves the game early.

For producing a successful game, you need to become a storyteller. You should be able to imagine from the point of view of a player and stop thinking like a developer or designer. This will help you be aware of the kind of reception your game receives from the players. And this is what will lead to your success.

What are the different types of storytelling?

How would you prefer to transmit your story to your players? We shall, find the below storytelling types and find out: –

1. Linear Storytelling:

It’s one of the most common and basic types of storytelling. In linear storytelling, the story goes in one direction. There’s a smooth flow of events without deviation or skipping ahead. In this type of storytelling, the player has nothing to contribute.

It means there’s no way by which the player could change how the events take place. The story rolls out according to what was written by the developer or designer. Some common examples are Mass Effect and The Walking Dead.

2. String of Pearls:

This type of storytelling is pretty similar to the linear type. However, the player has more control over how the story turns out. It’s the most famous narration type used in RPG games.

3. Amusement Park Model:

This type of storytelling model helps allow the player to explore new things in the world. You’ll find this storytelling type in open-world games.

4. Fully Branching Story:

The fully branching story is another captivating storytelling type. In this type, the choices you make determine the characters, plot, and game’s ending. The player gets different decisions based on which you get access to different chapters.

What makes a good game storyline?

Here are some vital elements you should consider before developing a storyline for your game: –

1. Plot:

Now, as you’re crafting a storyline for a game, it needs to be subtle. You can’t just overstretch it as it’ll bore the players. Carefully create your plot and use meaningful and simple content. This will keep the player’s gaming nerve alive.

2. Characters:

The characters within your game should be fun yet realistic. The player should be able to identify and connect to the character. So, create something that matches the gameplay but is not too hard to imagine in real life. It’ll directly power your storyline.

3. Environment:

A good environment is another important factor for a great storyline. A story can be easily told through an environment. You must have seen where the character walks into a room and finds hidden messages or secretly listens to conversations. Such things add to the storyline of a game.

4. Dialogue:

You should also add dialogues to your story. All the dialogues should be subtle and minimalist. And there should be a flavor in the character’s speech that depicts the character type. If you overdo the dialogues and add huge chunks of lines, the players will get bored and never listen to the full story.

So, just be sure to keep things as uncomplicated as possible.

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Who can help you create a game with a captivating story?

Good storylines can be a deciding factor for your game’s fate. So, make sure to think and create a captivating one. However, if you want someone to create a game with a story, contact Juego Studios right away.

Juego Studios is a globally recognized full-stack game design company. Our developers can help you craft a storyline your players will love. It’s because we think like a player and a storyteller and not like developers while crafting games.

So, Juego Studios is your way to go. You can find out the portfolio here. If you want to create a game worth remembering, contact the experts now!

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