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By juegoadmin | Gaming Industry | March 7th, 2022

How to Use Virtual Training in Serious Games?

Everyone appreciates an excellent web game, but how can you create online games that are beyond sheer enjoyment and provide real-world value to your corporate learners? Most businesses prioritize increasing operational efficiency, which applies to all company activities, including training.

Many game development companies have resorted to digital training options, among which serious games merit a lot of attention. This is to minimize material and workforce demands while offering workers a thorough learning experience.

Serious games have been shown to have a significantly positive impact on employee outcomes. And such game genres are gaining popularity abroad. In this post, we’ll look at how serious games function and how to incorporate them into your company, maybe with the help of a virtual training firm.

What are Serious Games?

Serious games are those that serve a purpose other than enjoyment. But what precisely are serious games? They’re utilized to encourage learning and behavior modifications. Serious gaming is employed in a variety of industries and enterprises, including education, healthcare, marketing, and others.

Advantages of Serious Games

Serious games have the advantage of being amusing, engaging, and immersive. Serious games teach specific skills, information, and attitudes by combining learning methodologies, information and frameworks, and game features. They’re made to address issues in a variety of areas. They include challenges and incentives, all while utilizing fun and engagement elements that come with playing games.

It is important to note that employing serious games for business is not the same as Gamification. Gamification is the process of adding game elements to tasks and work. People in Gamification execute their everyday tasks with a few entertaining game mechanics tossed in for good measure. Whereas a serious game is a complete program that they sit down and play.

Easy Data Gathering

Games make it simple to monitor progress and user behavior. While standardized examinations and in-person evaluations do not. Users will be far more genuine in their selections since a game offers a pressure-free atmosphere.

Cultivating Problem-Solving Abilities

Games are an excellent instrument for developing innovative abilities and problem-solving abilities. For example, in the game, you may assign a goal to a player without providing explicit instructions on how to achieve it. Each player then has various options for achieving success. But they must rely on their own intellect.

● Improves Worker Satisfaction

Training through a game is a good experience that employees will undoubtedly appreciate and enjoy. They will most likely be delighted that they are getting a chance to experience a stress-free, lively, and interesting method of learning for them.

● Improved Knowledge Acquisition

It can be difficult to make complicated information understandable to trainees using standard learning approaches such as lectures and journal articles. Serious games, on the other hand, do not have this problem and provide the data in a different style that is much simpler to study and remember.

● Enhances Self-Esteem

Any firm gets substantial profit from a rise in workers’ self-esteem plus confidence. This is because its experts are more determined, focused on achievement, and have overall strong performance indicators. Games create a caring environment in which accomplishment is rewarded and self-esteem grows.

The Motive of Virtual Training

Trainees can focus on real goals of training when they thoroughly comprehend them. According to a recent poll, roughly 15% of trainees use their new abilities from training, while the remainder does not.

This happens because they don’t comprehend what they require and how the abilities will help the business achieve its goals. Keeping this in mind, organizations should clarify the aim of virtual training in relation to their employment options.

They must clearly communicate how conducting virtual training using Serious Games may assist learners in meeting their growth goals. They will also need to explain how well this training program brings them closer to having the required experience and skills that they are seeking for.

Process of Using Serious Games in Virtual Training

● Aptitude Exam

Some individuals become nervous whenever they realize they need to be assessed. However, a game offers a far more soothing environment for assessment. Players become engaged in the game environment. They frequently remember that their progress will be tracked so that you can obtain a more accurate picture of their skill level.

● Troubleshooting

A successful game never becomes boring. So you can keep the encounter new by incorporating unique work-related scenarios that require players to think outside the box and fix difficulties they have never faced before.

● Training for Soft Skills

Serious games may be used for much more than just presenting new knowledge. Soft skill development through activities and games frequently involve a variety of situations that aid in the development of leadership, open communication, effective teamwork, and initiative in employees.

● Compliance Training

Understanding corporate standards is critical. But no one likes reading and memorizing rules. Luckily, a game offers a new channel for graphically presenting regulations and making them far more access to your company’s employees.

● Equipment Training

Because a game is a safe environment with no risk to one’s health, it’s the ideal place to learn how to use the equipment. Even if you cannot perfectly recreate the sensation of handling equipment (which is feasible with VR safety procedures), you may express how it operates and how it is used properly.

Final Thoughts

Serious games boost employee participation and get them enthused about online training. However, progressing through stages and gaining credits is not the main objective. As a result, in order to obtain optimal results, every gaming session should promote the intended behaviors and outcomes.

Serious games within online training may not always be appropriate for all tutorials. But they may provide several benefits if corporate trainees are willing to try them. More significantly, eLearning professionals must understand how to successfully employ them in order to accomplish the required results.

However, the future holds immense scope for this particular method of training employees. With the high rate of digitalization, training via serious games will be normal in near future. Employees shall be expected to derive maximum benefits out of it.


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