Video Game Marketing Campaigns

By Juegostudio | Game Development | August 27th, 2020

Video Game Marketing Campaigns: Upping the game to boost your business

A great idea that lies under the wraps does not get you the right foothold in an aggressive market! An effective video game marketing campaign is what you need to push your product right into the center and up the ladder.  To get your baby noticed, you need to raise it up above your head – and let it scream. Even when the baby is a hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping video game!

Like any commercial product, a video game would also need to go through periodic upgrades to keep up with the tastes and preferences of its customer base and sustain the firm footing amidst competition. To maintain a long-lasting customer relationship and uphold a strong business, it is imperative to have a well-designed campaign.

video games marketing campaigns are a great way to showcase the features of your game, draw attention and drive incremental business value through a wider exposure of your game.

What Makes a Great Video Game Marketing Campaign?

A great video game marketing campaign starts out by identifying the target audience of the video game you are planning to launch. In addition to this, below is a list of key pointers you need to be aware of.

1. USP

To get your customers hooked on your game, you need to show them HOW it is different. Your video game campaign should clearly bring out the unique selling points of the game that makes it more “desirable” than your competitors.

An efficient video game marketing campaign strategy will leverage the USP of the game to communicate effectively with prospective customers.

2. Channels of Advertising

One key component that is often overlooked while designing campaigns is the choice of channel to launch the campaigns. In today’s fast-moving digital world, there are a lot of communication channels that make it an easy job to reach out to your target audience like social media platforms, App stores, Blogs, Review websites, Gaming podcasts etc to name a few. These versatile platforms are sure-fire mouth-pieces to project your product to a wider market.

3. Creativity

An integral feature of any great marketing campaign is creativity – You need to sustain the creative spark or else your campaigns become stale and mundane over the course of time. Coming up with new ideas and content is extremely critical in a successful video game marketing campaign, like the gaming giant Rockstar Games who generate the hype for their upcoming games through vague teaser images.

4. An Easy and Interesting Title

A product name that is easy to recall is pivotal in grabbing customer attention. You wouldn’t see many popular games that are difficult to pronounce or too complex to remember! Interesting yet simple titles go well with customers who are tempted from all sides by a plethora of video games every second.

5. Call To Action

Finally, a call to action which coaxes customers to take action helps to drive in better business for your video game. CTA acts as a conversion funnel for the game enthusiasts who are hooked on to your campaign for a few seconds or minutes.

A Great Campaign Won’t Work without A Great Game

Now you know that a great video game is a balanced capsule of careful designing and targeted campaigning. While designing great campaigns is critical for business, a key factor still would be the quality of the game you have developed.

A lot of inspiring video games do fail to make it to the top due to ineffective campaign strategies. Yet, there are a gamut of game developers who put in a lot of effort in designing campaigns for mediocre games.

At Juego Studio, there are experienced game developers and designers who have an impressive and successful portfolio of game development for different business users.

Why Are Video Game Campaigns Critical for Business?

A video game campaign is a crucial business decision. Below is a list of important pointers that bring out the need for video game campaigns.

1. Awareness

Video game campaigns are a great way of communicating the highlights of your video game to your target audience. A well-designed campaign accentuates the curiosity element and intrigues the audience to know more, or to try it out. Awareness is often the first step that leads to successful conversions.

2. Conversion Funnel

A campaign acts as a strong platform to convert curious audiences into potential customers. An effective video game campaign is a great impression-maker and serves as conversion funnels to filter prospective customers from floating on-lookers. Such campaigns help to target the right crowd specifically and engage them further through more personal channels of communication such as email campaigns, text messages, and so on.

3. A Quick & Concise Intro of The Game

A video game campaign is the best and easiest way to blow the trumpet for your game highlights. It introduces the salient features of the game to the viewers, giving them the right taste and feel of the game design and triggering interest. A successful video game campaign projects the quality of your product, its innovative features, and the necessary fun elements.

4. Pricing and Promotions

Pricing remains an important part of designing your video game campaign. It is a great bait to lure customers right away by showcasing deals and promotions that have limited validity. Such hard-to-resist offers could push a lot of potential customers to take immediate action and influence your business positively.

5. Differentiation

An eloquent propaganda to make your video game stand apart from the rest is by designing a video game marketing campaign. This not only creates product awareness and promotes game features, but also helps to get your voice across to a wider market, telling them why your game is different, better, and interesting enough to invest in.


The long term success of any product or service lies in the sustainable relationship you get into with your customers. It is therefore of utmost importance to design and develop a video game that customers would love.

Juego Studio, an app, and game development hub, has a versatile team of developers whose industry knowledge and game development capabilities speak through the extensive list of unique games that the studio creates.

Juego Studio boasts of an impressive clientele who have made avail of the studio’s skillful hands who leverage emerging technologies and State of the Art tools to create outstanding works in the gaming industry. To grow in the video game business, it is critical to hire the right game development company – who have a deep understanding of game design and can guide you through all the steps of making it a successful video game.

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