Augmented Reality is now adding a whole new dimension to gaming, with AR table & card, sports, arcade and shooter games attracting hundreds of players everywhere. Since most smartphones, today are equipped with powerful processors, augmented reality social gaming is gaining popularity as AR technology is now available to a wide audience. The most compelling feature of all AR games and apps is the use of immediate physical surroundings to deliver a more connected, immersive experience to a user.

The concept of augmented reality social networks, where AR features are used to enhance interactions in social networks. This opens up an interesting area of exploration – AR apps which combine social experiences with game-like elements. Juego Studios developed Socio World, a new augmented reality app, and a game that allows users to locate connect, interact and play with others in their locality.


Socio World is conceptualized similar to augmented reality social networks and messenger apps, where users can send each other friend requests and hugs. Users can create and customize their own virtual avatars, which are used to as the primary medium of social interaction with others. On creating their profile, users are presented with a virtual map of their surroundings which is based on their real-time location. Through this map, the user can find other players in and around their area.

Socio game also supports texting and video chats to allow enhanced interactions. The virtual avatars provide a degree of privacy while standard features for friend requests and blocking allow users to choose and limit their interactions according to their needs.

Socio also includes game-like elements similar to popular MMOs, where users can place traps and obstacles such as virtual bombs and potholes in each other’s path, using the AR camera mode. Targeting is done via AR camera view, where users can virtually position an obstacle in a real-world location.Users can also switch to Rage mode, where they can virtually shoot each other with a paint gun. Once a user enters the Rage mode, other players in the area are notified. Those who come in contact with the obstacles or get shot will experience a “cool down time” period, during which they cannot engage in any sort of interactions. Users can also enter a camouflage mode to mask their location.

With simple, easy-to-use AR features that can be accessed on most AR ready smartphones in the market, Socio World is designed to appeal to a widespread target audience of people above 12+ yrs.

Key Features:

  • Customizable virtual avatars
  • Texting and video chats
  • Virtual map based on real-time location
  • AR camera view

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