By Juegostudio | Game Development | March 16th, 2015

Building Fun Multi-player Games

Mobile usage and adoptions are increasing rapidly. People find more fun in playing games on mobiles while traveling or in any free time. The players like to play with their friends, challenge them and beat the scores of his/her friends.

At Juego Studios we develop games that are more fun, interactive and entertaining, with multiplayer feature. We integrate social network allowing gamers to pull their friends list to play at realtime or play turn based multiplayer games. Many multiplayer SDKs from various vendors were tested, and few best SDKs were selected to make games more robust and flexible to name a few uLink, Photon, PubNub etc.

uLink from ‘Much Different’ is used to make the most of multiplayer desktop games as it gives more flexibility and security for MMO games via internet and LAN. uLink supports Unity3D development and it runs multiplayer games in low bandwidth conditions without compromising on the performance.

Photon Realtime plugin from ‘PUN’ used for our mobile games, since it is very light weight and runs better on mobile courier networks. Even though it supports few number of players to play the game in real-time, it gave us a very good base to build better multiplayer games.

Technologies and SDKs are changing day by day, the core technology and algorithms are improving to make the games more realistic and entertaining for each one of us.. Unity 3D is a mobile game development framework that we use to create an engaging gaming experience for the gamers. Using the tools, we blend graphics, sound and physics, delivering to the gamers a uniquely powerful experience that works seamlessly on various mobile platforms.

Our experts develop games that are bravado of powerful graphics, interesting stories, intricate detailing and fantastic gaming experience. We can bring any image or characters in the game to life.

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