Casino Game Development Cost

By juegoadmin | Game Development | September 21st, 2023

Casino Game Development Cost

The cost of developing casino games or any type of video game varies from one project to another. The global online gambling market was valued at USD 63.53 billion as of 2022. It is expected to grow at the rate of 11.7% CAGR between 2023 to 2030. Needless to say, casino games are a lucrative genre to invest in. But how must do casino games cost in terms of development? Several factors will affect the overall cost. From the types of casino games to security systems- many things affect the overall cost of designing a casino video game. 

Read on to learn about the factors that affect the casino game development costs that get estimated by different game development studios.

Market Statistics of Casino Games

Casino Game Stats

The popularity of casino games has increased manifolds ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Statista, in-app purchases or IAP revenue of casino video games will reach USD 6.37 billion by 2022. Revenues from advertisements in casino games reached approximately USD 2.64 billion in 2022.

Another survey on the casino game market specifically in the US by Time to Play states that, 50% of global online gambling websites will be based in the USA till 2023. While 58% of users in the USA are interested in online casinos, the world average is 63%. The maximum preference for gambling is witnessed in India at 76%.

Factors that Influence Casino Game Development

If you are wondering how much it costs to develop a casino game, looking into the factors affecting the cost is the first thing to do. There are several stages of casino game development which can be broadly classified into three segments- design, integration, and features of the game. These factors together influence the casino game development cost. The following are those factors in detail:

1. Design

While the design factor is not the most expensive part of casino game development, it plays a critical role. Analyzing the target audience is the key to determining the overall concept and theme for the casino game. The average hourly cost of hiring a video game designer ranges between $20- $100. The following are design elements that affect the casino game development cost:

2. Visuals and Special Effects

Once the initial conception and brainstorming stage is completed and GDD gets prepared, the game designers start creating the initial prototypes and sketches for the game. This includes working on game art, characters, and visual components. Casino games are generally very simple and have similar designs. What gets tricky is making it unique and stylish which will set it apart the game from other casino games.

Game design artists have to occasionally hand paint the components, symbols, images, characters, etc. The more complex the special effects and visuals, the longer will be the development time. This means the cost of development will also add up. Software and tools like Blender, Animate CC, and Autodesk Maya are used to work on the motion, dynamics, and special effects of the game.

The genre of the game also affects the visuals and animations of the video game.

3. Coding

The coding of the casino game is a crucial factor that influences the overall cost of the development process. The complexity of the coding as well as the expertise and execution of the coding influences the cost of development. The game developers’ expertise, experience, and the chosen tech stack affect the overall cost estimated for coding the casino game. Usually, the developers choose the technology and software based on the platform for which the game gets developed. Generally, software like JavaScript, C++, Pearl, NodeJS, and Angular are some of the popular choices among game developers.

4. Testing

Irrespective of the game genre, it is crucial to test it before the game gets released. Casino games are no exception to this rule. The testing is done through different software and stages. These reveal the potential issues in the game that may pose problems in the future. Playability, code quality, and streamlining are some of the factors that get tested at this stage. This process may take a few days to weeks to complete. The QA team also tests the game for compatibility, functionality, loading time, and overall gameplay.

5. Tech Stack

Several specific technologies are used for casino game development. The following are some of the software that get used for developing different aspects of such games:

  • Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and Inkscape are some of the software used for art making.
  • Blender, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Autodesk 3Ds Max are used for 3D modeling.
  • UI/UX design is done through Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, and so on.
  • The popular choices as casino game engines include CryEngine, Unity, GameMaker Studio, Lumberyard, etc. 
  • The programming languages popularly used to design casino games include C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, Python, and so on.
  • Testing tools such as Unreal Engine Automation, System, Appium, and Unity Automated testing are used for casino game testing.

6. Integrations

Casino games require thorough integration with several software and product integrations to function smoothly. Building every aspect of the game from scratch is time-consuming as well as costly. This is why, many game developers opt for white-label business models to reduce the overall game development cost. In such a situation, the developers can buy and integrate ready-made gambling products with their game projects.

Game engine integration is also a part of the development process. Using the iFrame HTML tag is another way to make the game available for any device without affecting the development cost. The accuracy of integration is a crucial part of making a game playable. Payment gateways and security features as well as legal compliance must be also integrated precisely to ensure the game is reliable and potential users find it secure to play.

7. Features

Several features are elemental for the proper functioning of the game. The more complicated and number of features, the longer it takes to develop the game. Additional features are also designed and included in the game. However, that would add to the overall cost of development. The following are some of the features that must be included in the casino game.

  • Registration and Profile Creation

Users need to create a profile and register on the online casino game platforms to play securely. This helps the app keep track of the user metrics properly. As a result, registration and profile creation is a mandatory feature of any casino game app or website. You cannot do without this feature and hence it must be created. Usually, the cost of developing this feature costs approximately $3000-$5000, depending on the complexity of the features being created.

  • Payment Integration

Payment integration is crucial for casino games to function smoothly. There need to be several payment options to let users do all transactions effortlessly. The payment gateway as well as the deposit system should be easy to use and work smoothly. Popular payment options like PayPal, Skrill, Mastercard, Visa, and UPI Payments should be integrated. You will need to use a payment processor or an in-house processing unit to streamline this feature with your casino app. The overall cost of developing and integrating the payment features depends on the number of payment options you are including. The approximate cost of developing the payment integration system is $5000 to $15000.

  • Safety and Security

The overall safety and security of the casino game is another crucial factor to consider. Personal data and users’ data are shared in bulk on casino platforms and must be protected on priority. Users would be dedicated to the platform and enjoy using it when the security features are strong. When users feel the platform is secure, they are more likely to use it as well as recommend it to others. The application should be integrated with SSL for traffic protection and RNG for fair play. The average cost of safety feature integration is approximately $10000.

  • Customer Services

Thorough maintenance and customer support is an integral part of casino games. Users look for reliable, secure, and customer-centric platforms. They want a casino platform where they can easily reach customer service with all types of queries. The maintenance and support ensure the game stays updated and playable always. This can become rather expensive when the user base grows. The average cost of implementing customer service features is approximately $5000.

  • Social Media Integration

Players love to flaunt their scores and achievements on the game platform. Furthermore, they can share their experiences on the game platform with fellow players as well as interact with other users. All these are made possible through social media integration on the platform. Adding social media features to the casino platform can approximately cost $ 50,000.

  • Bonuses

Some various bonuses and rewards make casino games more lucrative to users. Exclusive events, daily rewards, tournaments, discounts, referral bonuses, and first-time users’ bonuses are some of the major attractions offered on casino platforms. While they are not mandatory content, they add to the overall attraction of the online casino gaming platform. Building various bonus systems like free spins, lucky draw, and more, costs approximately $10000-$15000 depending on the extent of the bonuses added on the platform.

  • Affiliates

Casino Game Affliates

Third-party partners and companies have to be involved in the marketing and promotion of the game platform to spread the word among potential users. Affiliate payment systems are useful ways to find suitable partners for the platform. Integrating the affiliate payment system is particularly important post-release of the game platform. The affiliate payment and integration vary between $5000 to $10000.

  • Type of Casino Game

The type of casino game also affects the casino game development cost. There is a wide variety of casino games like roulette, bingo, 3D slot games, card games, blackjack, baccarat, and so on. A casino game app can have one or multiple of these casino games. The development cost depends on the number of casino game types that are included on the platform. The overall cost also depends on whether it is a white-label game development project or a turnkey casino game development project. The cost is significantly lower for white-label projects and is approximately $35000 while turnkey projects can cost between $40000 to $50000.

  • Developer Location

Another factor that affects the overall casino game development cost is the location of the game developer team. The cost of casino game development varies from one place to another. Outsourcing the project to a game development studio at a comparatively affordable cost can significantly minimize the overall expense of developing a casino game. The per-hour cost of hiring casino game developers is significantly lower in regions like India, the Philippines, and even Australia when compared to the cost in the USA and the UK. 

The average per-hour cost to hire game developers from India is $40-$70.  The cost of developing casino games in the UK is $70-$110 per hour. The cost of developing casino games in the USA ranges between $80-$120 per hour.

  • Platform

The accessibility of the game on different platforms is enabled through a specific development process. Developing a casino game for a single platform would cost significantly less. On the other hand, cross-platform development would cost significantly higher. Also, the cost of developing casino games for iOS platforms is significantly higher than the cost of developing for Android platforms.

  • UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design is also a differentiating factor that affects the overall cost of casino game development. If you are looking for a simple and basic user interface, the design would be rather affordable. The more complex the design characters, the higher the expense of developing the game. Such additions may look more attractive and also introduce new advanced features for users to explore. While such additions make the development process more expensive, they are ideal for attracting new users to the platform.

  • Legal and Regulatory Needs

The laws and regulations regarding casinos and gambling games vary from one country to another. The developers can ensure the game complies perfectly with all the legal requirements to avoid any legal complications in the future. However, drawing up a detailed compliance plan and integrating it with the casino game is a time-consuming process. This also adds to the overall development cost of the casino game.

  • Graphics, Animation, and Sound

The graphics, animation, background music, and overall sound effects influence the game’s engagement as well as make it immersive. This is one of the primary factors that influence the success of casino games. This is why proper attention to graphics, animation, and sound is essential. High-quality graphics and animation ensure the game appears attractive. But at the same time, it is also expensive to implement. The overall graphics design and animation are time-consuming and that in turn, adds to the game development cost.

Estimation of Casino Game Development Cost 

The overall casino game development cost is affected by a variety of factors ranging from the complexity of the development process to the various features added to the game. It also depends on the location of the development team as well as the game company’s reputation. The approximate total cost of casino game development can vary anywhere between $20000-$50000. Certain casino games that have complex features with intricate game mechanics and multiplayer support can cost $ 100,000 or more for development. The approximate time required to develop a casino game is between 9-12 weeks or 2550 hours.

Cost Estimate Based on Casino Game Production Stages

Here is an approximate step-wise cost estimation for the different stages of casino game development:

Stage of Development 

Time Required Approximately

Approximate Cost of Development 


24 hours



1500 hours


Development & Testing

1000 hours



50 hours


Wrapping Up

If you are wondering how much casino games cost, the first thing to do is have a clear vision of what you expect from the game. The detailed development stages and factors affecting the overall cost can help you understand and estimate the approximate cost for your casino game project. It is crucial to have a realistic cost estimation when you estimate the game development cost for the project.

Juego Studios can provide an all-around casino game development solution. From white-label casino game development to turnkey casino game development – get all such services here. 

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