Crucial Elements in web3 game development platform

By juegoadmin | nyc gaming companies | September 30th, 2022

Crucial Elements Required For Web3 Game Development Platform

The craze for Web3 games is at its peak among the players as it keeps them engaged, providing tons of excitement while playing. It is a revolution in the gaming industry as it redirected a shift from traditional gaming to innovation in gaming. Every moment, new updates and developments occur in the web3 gaming space. The gamers have the option to play to earn via NFTs & cryptocurrencies and decentralized ways. The central control is in the hands of the players without giving power to any single authority. Web3 game development services are one of the most sought in the virtual world. This gaming features applications such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and blockchain technology, introducing new business models by promising players to share in-game ownership.  

So have you ever wondered why web3 games are suddenly in demand? What are the fantastic features it offers to the gaming community? How is this possible? What is the technology that goes into the making of web3 games? What crucial elements are needed for web3 game development platforms that support such an incredible requirement? These elements include the features and technology support for web3 game development platforms. Let’s go through it one by one!

Web3 Game Development Platform Important Features:-

Provision of Compatibility & Ownership:-

Web3 gaming solves the problem of ownership and platform compatibility as it offers complete ownership of in-game things using digital NFTs. Users owning in-game items can move them from one gaming platform to another. 

Gaming that is Player-Based:-

Based on the player’s choice in playing the games, the web3 gaming ecosystem is customized, and it offers central control to the players, which is advantageous to them. Furthermore, these games offer better player participation & transparency as gamers can earn revenue from in-game items. In addition, players can claim their digital assets, which is an integral part of web3-based games. 

Integrate and Modernize Old Games:-

Web3 gaming provides the option to upgrade the old or outdated games, thereby allowing users to modernize the old games into metaverse & blockchain-based games. Furthermore, it enables them to create avatars and exchange their in-game items on the metaverse.

Gaming is Concise:-

Games are hosted on the blockchain in web3 gaming, which makes them transparent with no point of failure. It makes them unhackable and is accessible to the players present on the network. However, it makes them impenetrable, and these games depend on voter consensus.

Downtime is Negligible:-

Why is downtime negligible in web3 gaming? Do you know the technicality behind this? Due to the high game data storage facility and block minting, the downtime is minimized in these scalable games. These games have no intervention from any authority and minimum maintenance costs.  

Web3 Gaming Technology Stack:-

Technology support is another essential element that web3 game development platforms must include. Below are the components of the technology stack. So let’s dive into this deeper!

Smart contracts:-

Smart contracts help in the decision-making and voting toward the game evolution. It governs & monitors the game processes and is customized per the player’s requirements. Tools like Brownie, Hardhat, and Truffle are used in this. The developers for writing, compiling, and deploying smart contracts use the Remix IDE.

Web3 libraries/dApps:-

The libraries & dApps interact with smart contracts and support in-game assets & transactions. Game developers and players interact with the blockchain platform through web3 libraries. The dApps use Unity or Unreal SDKs to build.

Web3 providers/Node:-

Nodes are essential in the developer stack as web3 libraries cannot interact with smart contracts without nodes. In addition, these web3 providers or nodes help to extract game information embedded in the blockchain network. 

XR Hardware:-

XR hardware links the gaming ecosystem with the metaverse by including scanning sensors, haptic gloves, smart glasses, etc. As a result, it makes the web3 gaming experience more immersive and engaging.

Digital wallets:-

Digital wallets interact with the blockchain forming a crucial part of web3 gaming, which holds in-game assets and gaming collectibles. These gaming platforms have digital wallets supported by the blockchain. A unique wallet address is required to identify the players.

Open Interoperable Media Standards:-

These interoperable media standards power the decentralized 3D applications through texts, 3D scenes, vectors, and audio.


By integrating blockchain gaming technology and metaverse, web3 games have transformed the gaming landscape. It powers financial needs through technologies like DAO, metaverse, & blockchain, making gaming more democratized. The above elements are crucial for web3 game development platforms to function and deliver the requirements. If you look forward to venturing into this arena, Juego Studios, the top Web3 game development company, can help you refine your idea into a business model through our expertise in this area. Do write to us for more information and your queries. We will deliver the best solutions with our Web3 game development services!

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