Mobile Game Development Tools in 2022

By juegoadmin | Mobile Game Development | April 14th, 2022

Fifteen Most Sought-After Mobile Game Development Tools in 2022

We all know that the gaming industry is expanding rapidly. It creates employment for around a hundred thousand people globally. It churns revenue of more than a hundred billion dollars every year. The market saw exponential growth in terms of revenue even amidst the pandemic. The development has been immense in the mobile gaming industry in the past few years. In addition, several games have become popular worldwide. From simple 2D games like Candy Crush to multiplayer online games like PubG.

This growth has attracted many developers’ attention. They are the ones who want to build their games and make the most out of them. But it is not simple. Because there is enormous competition in the market. So, if you want to dive into the mobile game development market, let’s discuss top mobile game development tools in 2022.

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The Most Favored Mobile Game Development Tools in 2022:

1. Unity

One of the most well-liked game engines is Unity. It is used as a primary game development tool by many developers. The excellent pricing, 2D and 3D features, and impressive capabilities make Unity one of the famous global game engines. It saves considerable time for the unity game developers. This is because cross-platform capability is available in Unity. Some examples of games developed in Unity are Subway surfer, Temple run, and Pokémon Go.

2. Unreal Engine

The Unreal game Engine is a beginner-friendly popular game engine. The user-friendly features of this game engine make it work with or without coding or with negligible programming skills. Some popular games developed with the help of Unreal Engine are Injustice 2, WWE Immortals, and Mortal Kombat.

3. Solar 2D or Corona SDK

Solar 2D is a user-friendly mobile game engine. It was previously known as Corona SDK. This game software uses LUA Scripting Language. This language is easy to learn. Some games developed in solar 2D are Mandora and Designer city.

4. Cry Engine

Cry engine is ideal for developing games with fantastic visuals and graphics as the graphics output is impressive. It is famous for creating real-looking 3D characters in 3D environments. Some games developed through Cry engine are Arena of Fate and Ghost Warrior.

5. Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard is a mobile development tool released by Amazon in 2016. This engine can develop premium mobile games across all platforms. Some games developed in Amazon Lumberyard are Star Citizen and new world.

6. SpritKit

SpritKit is an Apple gaming engine to designs 2D mobile games. The predefined libraries are integrated into the iOS system, making it easy for developers to build 2D games. Some games developed in Spiritkit are Sumo pop and 10*10 blocks.

7. Construct 3

Construct 3 is the perfect game editing software for beginners. Any beginner quickly learns the fundamentals of game development through this software. Some games developed in Construct 3 are the lunar mission and Fall of Gravity.

8. Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker Studio 2 is budget-friendly game development software launched by Yoyo games. The language is easy to learn in a short time. Some games developed in Game Maker Studio 2 are Undertale and Police Stories.

9. Monogame

Mono game is a highly customizable and versatile open-source game engine. It allows the developers to work with different tools according to their needs. It is pretty similar to XNA 4 4 API. Working on Monogame, it is essential to know C and Net language. Some games developed on Monogame are Fez and Infinite Flight.

10. Clickteam Fusion

Fusion is developed by Clickteam. It allows developers to create 2D games from various extension objects. The visual editor offers to place and position all the elements and help set up each element’s properties. It is ideal to produce a game that is event-based. Some games developed in Fusion are Bit Odyssey and Future Police.

11. Build Box

Build box is game-building software that focuses on creating games without proper codes, programs, or scripts. People who don’t have prior knowledge of game development or coding are the audience of Build box. Anyone without coding can try Build box to develop games. It is a cross-platform development tool with features like an option bar and scene editor. Some games developed in Build box are Spirit Line and Wall Switch.

12. Haxe

Haxe is a high-level game development engine. The fast compiler helps in developing a game. The library has multiple procedures, frameworks, and functions. Anyone knowing Action Script or JavaScript can easily use Haxe. Some games developed in Haxe are North grad and Dead Cells.

13. Godot

It has cross-platform capabilities. Godot falls under the open-source game development engine employed to develop 2D and 3D games. MIT licenses it. There are multiple languages supported in Godot. The bonus part is that the whole game engine is free to use. Some games developed in Godot are Pizza boy, The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca, and Spooky Ghost Dot Com.

14. Mixamo

Mixamo is popular animation software not exclusive to the gaming industry. But it is valuable as an extension to other gaming engines. It is 3D animation software used to make 3D characters from scratch for games and many animated movies. It works in the construction of motion capture animation for games.

15. Flutter

This is a cross-platform technology in game development delivered by Google. It is popular among game developers due to these factors: easy learning curve and time to market. Developers are choosing Flutter for better efficiency. But it is limited to 2D game development. Some popular games developed in Flutter are the Tap hero game and the Tissue box.

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The list is endless, but these are the mobile game development tools worth a try for any mobile game developer in 2022. The rise in mobile gaming has been surreal for the past few years. The games have traveled far from desktops and gaming consoles to mobile phones. This mobile game development software can help a lot if there is a good gaming idea in someone’s imagination.


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