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You have a concept in mind that will make a great game. A practical approach would be seeking out game development services or determining if it can get done in-house. Video games are not just fun but are profitable investments too. The right approach can help you maximize the ROI right from the beginning.

The video game market revenue is USD 85.2 billion in 2022. It gets projected to grow up to USD 127.94 billion by 2027. The industry appears lucrative to investors. But video game development cost is significantly high. In such a situation, investors turn to ways to reduce expenses without compromising quality. This is where game development outsourcing companies come in.

Such companies can reduce the overall development cost in many ways. There are many game development companies offering outsourcing services. Let us find out about the best ones in the business.

What Is the Game Outsourcing Model?

When you hire a third-party professional or organization to develop the project, you outsource the task. There are several game outsourcing models based on the extent of services needed. Outsourcing can get done for many reasons such as budget constraints, time constraints, and lack of specialized professionals.

To outsource game studios, understand the scope of work and the different outsourcing models.

Types of Game Development Outsourcing Model

Here are some of the game development outsourcing models that you can look into:

  • Full-Cycle Game Development: You have a concept in mind but do not have the resources or wish to hire an in-house team. This is when you can outsource full-cycle game development tasks to a third-party organization.
  • Specific Developmental Tasks: You have a game development team. However, they lack specific skills. Rather than hiring new in-house professionals and training them, you outsource such special tasks to another game development company.
  • Co-Development: This outsourcing model gets generally followed when you take up a project beyond the team’s capability. The limitations can be technical or manpower. It is a complex outsourcing model where you coordinate with another company to manage the project.

Advantages of Game Development Outsourcing Services

Video game outsourcing companies offer several advantages, making them a popular choice among investors:

  • Game outsourcing companies already have the necessary infrastructure, and trained professionals to deliver a project efficiently.
  • They are result-oriented and hence, ensure a faster turn-around time without compromising the quality of the project.
  • Hiring a game development outsourcing company is more cost-effective depending on their location, experience, and team size, than hiring in-house professionals and training them before the development process starts.
  • Such companies have talented employees who specialize in specific areas of game development like animation, 3D modeling, AR/VR game development, and so on. You can get all kinds of assistance under one roof by outsourcing the task.
  • Reputed game development companies have hundreds of professionals on their payroll. As the project progresses, they can upscale or downscale the team as per the ongoing requirement.

How to Choose the Right Game Outsourcing Companies?

There are numerous game development companies across the world, making it tricky to determine which would work best for you. Here are a few criteria that will help you to shortlist your options and choose wisely:

Country or Location

The video game development cost varies from one country to another. The cost depends on the type of game, complexity, technology needed, hourly rates for developers, etc. However, based on the standard rates for developers, the overall cost will vary significantly from one location to another.

Experience and Expertise

The overall experience of the team, consistency of quality, and expertise will affect the quality and production time of your project. You get an idea about all these factors by researching the game outsourcing companies’ website, and any other online profiles.

Type of Game

The type of game you conceptualize should get considered while seeking game development outsourcing companies. While some companies are versatile and provide all types of game development services, others specialize in specific genres. Hence, the choice must get made accordingly.

Overall Budget

The budget is a crucial factor, especially when game development is rather expensive. Research and estimate and realistic and feasible budget. Accordingly, filter for a suitable company that fits your budget but has a good reputation and attractive portfolio.

Get a Quote for Your Game Design

Get a Quote for Your Game Design

Post-Launch Maintenance and Updates

Games occasionally have to be updated with new content or bug fixes post-launch. You need professionals who can provide such post-launch assistance consistently.


Once the project development starts, you get a better vision of how you want the project to progress. This will call for upscaling or downscaling the services. Look for an organization that has the resources to accommodate your requirements easily, without hampering the workflow or the budget.


You must study the portfolio carefully. It gives the best insight into the outsource game studios’ expertise, quality, and creativity. Try playing a few of the games and you can easily understand whether the studio can grasp your concept and create a game as per your vision.

Client Testimonial

The client testimonials help you gain an insight into the company’s culture, work ethics, professionalism, and overall quality. These are essential factors to consider as they will affect your future relationship with the business as well as your project’s progress.

The best way to find a PC or mobile game development company suitable for your project is by searching the right places. You can find lists online. Other than that, industry events, recommendations, directories, and social media are reliable sources to find a suitable company to outsource your project.

Top 10 Game Development Outsourcing Companies

Let us simplify your search for top game development outsourcing companies with a list, curated after careful consideration of their accomplishments and industry dominance:

1. Juego Studios

Juego Studios was established in 2013 and is a full-cycle game development company. Game development services such as VR, NFT, Unreal and Unity games, and metaverse games development are some services they offer. The company has several offices in India, the USA, UAE, and the UK.

They have worked with over 200+ clients which include prominent clients like Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Flipkart, Amazon, and Wicked Witch to name a few. They provide specific services as well as co-development solutions. You can also get multi-platform game development solutions for Android, iOS, PC, consoles, and more.

The company has earned a reputation as a versatile business that blends creativity and technical skills thoroughly to yield the finest entertainments and games. They have earned many recognitions over the years including being listed on the “Forbes India Marquee Entrepreneur Special”.

The latest tech stacks are used to produce their games. Some of the major highlights in their portfolio include Hopster, AFL Evolution 2, NBA 2K21, and Raids of Glory to name a few. They have impressive statistics over a decade with almost 500+ completed projects. Though they started as a small team, today the company has 300+ professionals who work with them, contributing to every project with dedication.

2. 99Games

One of the most prominent game development outsourcing companies in India is 99games. It is a “super-indie” game studio that has generally published and developed free-to-play games. The company was founded in 2008 and has approximately 15 years of experience in the industry. Games like Dhoom 3: The Game, Sultan: The Game, and Star Chef are among the most popular projects they developed. The company is located in Udupi, Karnataka. They have a talented team of professionals who work passionately towards creating interactive games. They are particularly known for their movie-inspired games created in collaboration with Yash Raj Films.

3. Quytech

Quytech was founded in 2010 and is situated in Haryana, India. The company is noted as one of the best mobile game development companies. Apart from that they also provide services related to AR/VR and AI. They primarily work with small to medium startups and indie developers. The company has approximately 50-200 employees and specializes in game and app development. You can get services like 3D modeling, image analysis, crypto exchange, e-learning, metaverse development, to name a few.

They have worked with clients like Deloitte, Lime Tree, Marks and Spencers, etc. In terms of game development, they provide services related to Unity, Unreal, and PC games.

4. Chromatic Games

Chromatic Games has a small team of 50+ employees which has a very unique feature. It is an independent studio owned completely by the employees. One of their most prominent game is Dungeon Defenders. The company is located in Gainsville, Florida.

This is one of the top game development outsourcing companies that is versatile. They provide services ranging from full-cycle game development to co-development too. They are proficient with a variety of game genres like RPG, puzzles, action-adventure and so on. This makes them a plausible choice for many potential clients. The team is talented and passionate about the projects. They can provide multi-platform development services too. The company was founded in 2010 and has over a decade of experience that help them create titles that are a global success. It is exclusively a game development studio and you can only find the relevant services from them.

5. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is particularly noted as a mobile game development company. It is a division of the Mahindra Group and provides services for mobile games specifically. They work on 2D/3D game applications, Unity games, and many more. It is one of the most trusted and reliable companies with several offices all over India and 89 other countries worldwide. They have established a brand name as an outsourcing company. Though they are primarily known for IT Services and consulting, you can expect a wide variety of mobile game services too. However, if you are looking for a dedicated game development studio, this would not be the best choice. One of their most notable projects is mSportz- a mobile gaming live-streaming platform in India.

6. Double Coconut

Double Coconut is a notable game outsourcing company that has been incepted in 2012. They are particularly noted for mobile and Web3 games. They primarily develop casual, educational, and casino games. They create games for crypto/blockchain, android, iOS, and even web games. They use the latest technologies to develop these games with tools like Unity3D, and programming languages like Java, and HTML5.

The team of over 75 professionals can cover all kinds of game development services from conceptualizing to market launch. Their clients include The Ellen Degeneres Show, Catchphrase, Microsoft, SAP, Rush Street, Gaia, and so on. The office is located in San Francisco, California.

7. Room8 Studio

Room8 Studios is one of the top game development outsourcing companies founded in 2011. It has over 800 professionals working with them and offices at six locations worldwide. Their portfolio showcases a few outstanding works. Their services are diverse and relevant to game development. You get 2D, 3D modeling, PC game development, mobile game development, etc. The prompt professionalism of the company makes it a go-to outsourcing agency for many clients like Ubisoft, Gameloft, and more. Some of their notable work includes Fall Guys, and World of Tanks which feature assets created by them.

8. Unanimous Studios

Unanimous Studios is noted as one of the best game development outsourcing companies that supply design and development solutions for multiple platforms. They have a small team that creates entertaining games for these varied platforms. If you are looking for a talented team that can help with multi-platform games on a budget, they are a good choice.

9. Game Ace Creative Studios

Game Ace was founded in 2005 and is noted as an outsourcing company for game development. They have extensive industry experience and are versatile with different game genres like RPG, Virtual Reality, and MMOs. The team is highly creative and technically skilled to pull off projects of any magnitude.

With over 120 professionals working with them, the company is noted for their scalability with a wide variety of projects. The video game development cost at Game Ace is as per the present industry standards, making them a reliable choice for your project. They have headquarters in Cyprus and several other offices across the world.

10. Capermint Technologies

Capermint Technologies is a Canadian game development company which over 7 years of experience. They have a team of over 125+ professionals who are qualified and creative enough to come up with the best game designs and development ideas. They have completed over 500+ projects over the years. Capermint Technologies provide services like game development, publishing, mobile applications, and game porting. They also have offices in India, Germany and Australia. They also provide gamification services for various industries including fintech, education, automobile, healthcare, and so on. The business was founded in 2014.


Game development outsourcing companies are in high demand as more and more investors realize the potential of this sector. The above-mentioned are a few of the best in this market who can provide you with all kinds of game development solutions at standard rates.

Juego Studios stands out among these for the combination of experience, expertise, and creativity that our talented professionals bring to the table. The company has over a decade of experience and an expansive range of outsourced services. Get the best solutions to your game concepts with our help and built a game that will be loved worldwide.


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