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By Juegostudio | HTML5 Game Development | July 14th, 2020

Monetize HTML5 Games: How to Make Money With HTML5 Game

There is no doubt the gaming industry has been growing globally by leaps and bounds over the last decade. The whopping billion dollar market is all set to embrace new technologies to grow its production possibilities frontier in the coming years. With new technologies emerging such as Virtual Reality, game development has revolutionized the entire player experience fostering an environment of active participation and adaptive learning through the different game mechanics designed by mobile game developers. Along with game mechanics, gamification allows learners to earn collectibles such as points and aid in decision making.

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What Are HTML5 Games?

While there is no dearth of languages in which you could create a game such as Java, HTML, Unity3D, C sharp to name a few, each of these languages carry some salient features that make them more appropriate for specific areas of application. While there are pros and cons to each language in the process of game development, it is of utmost importance to weigh them both and see how suitable the language is for the particular game development you are looking at.

The core technologies that are made use of in the development of HTML5 games are notably Canvas and WebGL i.e. Web Graphics Library which enables the games to be played over the browser. Canvas, on the other hand, is useful in allowing game designers to create and transform images and shape objects they draw into 3-D.

Top Two Benefits of HTML5 as A Game Development Language

It is an important consideration to know about the benefits of HTML5 as a game development language. Below are some salient features that make this language preferable over other languages in the context of game development.

1. Cross-Device User Interactivity

While most games perform sub-optimally with varying screen sizes, this is typically not the case with HTML5. With HTML5, you could avoid the issue of independently porting a game each time for every separate device. However, there needs to be some level of customization and fine tuning while developing a game in this language to ensure that it fits to all screen sizes.

2. Not a Steep Learning Curve

While a lot of other languages have a steep learning curve, this is not the case with HTML5. This in fact turns out to be a benefit for a company in terms of sourcing the right talent where the designers and developers can focus more on the creativity aspects while technological power still does not get compromised.

You Have Created an Amazing HTML5 Game – Now What?

Development of a game is a daunting task where the game developer needs to rigorously go through the different nuts and bolts of the entire game design, game mechanics – set of rules that determine how the environment with respect to audio and visual appearance would look like or how the player interaction on the screen would be like and many more. Developing a game of your imagination may take a while and after putting in your hard work for weeks and months, you would certainly want your game to grab a top spot in the gaming marketplace.

So, it is important to realize that game design and development is just a part of the whole equation. Once the game is developed, you would need to think about what is popularly known as “gamification”. This entails a set of strategies that rewards and penalizes the player based on his or her actions throughout the game. High scores and top ranks are often termed as “achievements” which are a novel way of interacting with social communities and groups and allow for a more active level of engagement. At Juego Studios, we have a team of experts who can make personalized games that are guaranteed to set benchmarks in the gaming industry.

How HTML5 Games Can Be Monetized?

As we realized that gamification plays an important role in allowing for more engagement by sharing your achievements with your social circles, this spreads awareness about your game. Monetization of your HTML5 games can happen through various tools such as Chrome Webstore, iOs and Android, Facebook, Mac App Store and so on. Below are some of the ways you could earn money through your games:

1. Insert Advertisements in Your Game

The easiest place to begin with would be Chrome Web Store. The two ad networks that you could rely upon are Adsense and Ad4Game. By inserting ads in your game, you could entice a player to be redirected towards a purchase or view on another website from which you could earn through affiliate.

2. Google’s In-App Payments API

If the earnings from the above seem too humble to you, you may try to check out the In-App Payments API from Google to earn better payouts. However, there are certain costs associated with such services that you need to research around a bit.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook is yet another platform leaving aside Chrome Web Store and Android or iOs marketplaces, which could turn out to be really profitable for your gaming business. One caveat though is often the ads might break if someone is using older versions of Chrome, so the way out would be to suggest a newer browser download.

4. Mozilla App Marketplace

Mozilla browser also carries a lot of potential in terms of fetching modest returns if you publish your games on their app place.

5. In-App Advertisements

The gaming app you developed carries a lot of potential of earning revenues if you target the right advertisement within the game – for example, you could ask the player to buy coins for an advanced level or to purchase special protection gear. You could also allow players to pay within the app to be able to interact with their friends and followers through social media.

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Time to Act

Summing everything up, there are a variety of places to publish your game. Diversity is the key and identifying a strong advertising network could prove to be extremely beneficial in generating higher returns from your games. Our team at Juego Studios consists of seasoned game developers having vast knowledge of HTML5 game designing and development. Our satisfied clientele speaks volumes about how their partnership with us have proven to be beneficial to them.



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