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Impact of iPad on Game Industry-The Positive Transition Continues

In December 2012, many companies launched new games into market. The biggest retail therapy that people were going to have was in the electronic store that sold iPad. The coming of this device has changed the facet of the Game Industry. It allows a seamless gaming experience that matches the power of the good old console of the past. The iPad Game Art begins to charm the new users.

In 2013,new applications filled the market. The Game Developers says that the cross platform games have shown immense potential for the future of games and they would stay on course with their strategies to introduce new games. There are new business models and novel apps floating in the digital space. The new word is gamification and it has exploded the arena. While consoles are fading the smartphone devices and Facebook have taken center stage. As the iPad makes its entry into the palms of the gamer’s the voices of other Game Developers are growing faint. Like, Nintendo has not been able to cash on its 2103 new playing fields. Microsoft has a lot of explaining to do for Xbox 360, (some are actually asking what does it mean?). And Sony’s PlayStation is making less music to the ears.

Impact of iPad on game industry


It is the year of the tablet and social networking in style. The iPad has impacted many old and new players in the market. Zynga is gone and in its place Super cell and another one Natural Motion has taken their positions. Gamers don’t just want access to the games they love in one location (console). They want access to this IP across mobile, web, and console. How publishers and platforms transition to cater to these needs, will likely determine their success. The iPad has already had a major impact on consumers and game Industry alike. iPad Game Development is becoming a big business. In India one can hire iPad Game Developers at reasonable costs to make concept games.

Today the fans are looking for new genres to capture they attention. The iPad has got more memory and it also has a higher resolution than the Xbox or PlayStation. This makes it convenient for the developers to have richer games. The retina display allows the user to play for longer periods without affecting the eyesight. Both, the regular one and the Ipad mini have been able to charm the loyalists to switch over to the new designs. There are 2D & 3D iPad Games that now have increased the sales of the device.

The iPad has a 4-core processor. It is made from Power VR and is a licensed product. And this is the best hardware that a game developer can tap for making new concepts come alive. The main idea now is to let consumer splay across computers, game platforms, and smartphones.

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