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Juego Studio Featured in PR Buzz

Juego Studio Featured in PR Buzz:


Bangalore, Karnataka, April 04, 2013 – Developing games is serious business that has taken the virtual world by storm globally. In Bangalore, India, the vision comes alive with a mission possible with youthful digital game applications. Juego Studio opens its wide digital platform to clients seeking innovative adventures, puzzles and propriety projects. With its sales footprints spanning USA (Florida) and UK (London) it is geared to score with its Specialized Game Development Team. As the market of games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Facebook & Mac heats up, Juego Studio flashes its virtual scoreboard. It is aiming for a better client roster in 2013, which predicts the global trends that will dominate the game development business will occupy entertainment and business gaming options.

Juego Studio dares to push limits and openly challenges people who wish to make their presence felt globally with high-level games. India’s leading game development company for portable devices across digital platforms, Juego Studio Private Limited is the largest think tank and service reservoir for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Facebook and Mac. With an active portfolio of branded games franchises and sequels it uses the latest technologies like Cocos2d, Cocos2d-X, Unity 3D and Corona. The specialist OpenGL/ES programmers can customize the brief for compatibility across platforms and synchronize the design.

The think tank is now a veteran player for:

  • iPhone Game Development
  • iPad Game Development,
  • Android Game Development,
  • Facebook Games Development

It has already produced games in different categories like Action, Adventure, Racing, Strategy & Puzzle, EduApp, eBooks and Entertainment Apps, Multi-Player with real time and turn based game. The well-known game apps that are already floated in virtual space include Bankers vs. Humans, Zerg Invasion, Hum Along, Lost Monster and Blast Angle.

“We do get butterflies in our stomach. But we ensure that they fly in formation to make the mission possible!”

The Mission Possible Management Team the virtual coaches include Suman BK, Rudresha M, Zissis Skouloudis, & Alan Bigio. According to the team that does not give up or flags its spirit, “We don’t give up. Our biggest asset is not our expertise or facility. But our market equity, which is empowered by our proven unbroken track record.” The dictum is, “The winner takes it all.

About Juego Studio, Game Development Company India

Based in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Juego Studio started two-years ago with an aim to fulfill youthful aspirations of the gaming community worldwide. It offers a slew of interactive gaming for PC and Smartphone. Packed with a Specialized Game Development Team it has wizards who have already conceptualized highly competitive, 3D graphic enriched content with the latest gaming engines for Android and iOS. The studio is a unique Mobile Game Development Company, with signature games for global clients. The studio innovates, conceptualizes and produces gaming content for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Facebook, PC and Mac. Welcome to the virtual world where the vision and mission meet eye to eye on the same platform.

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