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By Juegostudio | Game Development | February 14th, 2020

Microsoft xCloud become a next leader in Gaming Industry

The announcement amongst millions of fans regarding the release of Microsoft xcloud churned excitement and anxiousness followed by the highlighting of many countries that were individually named, many are pondering over its success in the gaming industry.

The dormancy of Xbox

Xbox has been advertised heavily but none of the strategies of propagation have managed to popularize it, with versions like the xbox one declining to an embarrassing sales rate. The initial performance of xbox was satisfactory, specifically in the first 3 years of its youth and the visibility of Microsoft has been consistently dominant. The availability of a multitude of popular and highly fantasized games such as fortnite, Gears 5 , Forza Horizon 4, Sega and Konami were either released late or didn’t quite appeal to the masses which marked the primary set back of its performance.

The problem of selling xcloud, a payment driven loophole:

Mobile utility and it’s rising predominance is discussed in every tech forum there ever was. The improving accessibility that was questioned with devices such as xbox, has been compensated by mobile smart phones and even the most commonly played games such as PUBG and Call Of Duty with their mobile versions have made it a challenging task for contemporary introductions like Project Microsoft xcloud to make a breakthrough. Currently, the entire motivation of a user to subscribe as a player revolves closely to the attached costs or its effect on their wallets which is a top priority in some countries over the other. Discounts, deals and offers on the other hand will push users to question the quality and sustainability of a game’s features and looming gratification, and the redundant cycle will hold an immediate grudge against the newer projects that are being invited into the gaming industry. Voluntary pay ups aren’t the only resistance. Many developing countries suffer from a lack of debit and credit penetration and the interaction of xbox game pass and Microsoft explicitly affects sign ups due to reduction in total user retention. The blocks in payment that are generally offered with convenience by google, steam and PS through their cash on delivery facilities, many smartphone handlers are softening up to the idea of being presented with more smooth and diverse payment options. The refusal of Microsoft to incorporate any of the payment methods and it’s fixation with a singular method that may disappoint in efficiency, could potentially damage the reputation of the alliance among many other popular gaming platforms.

Problems that Microsoft could potentially not solve:

Data caps and latency barriers can be handled by partnering up with subscriptions services but may inflict net neutrality violation opinions amongst users. Many network companies are facing constant charges for breaking guidelines and to accomplish this feat, such a partnership could make Microsoft vulnerable to potential attacks and penalization. To avoid the possibility of ethical questioning, Microsoft can survey its success with  an open network where it has already established an official relationship with. Their annual productivity and trackable efforts could raise doubts about the future of Microsoft xcloud being winged under such an impulsive partnership. Many have aided a valuable association with the new project and it’s success has been calculated to grow at an accelerated rate, yet these potentials have been bounded without correctly historicizing the role of the xbox one and the options it has limited discriminately to many countries.

Service related drawbacks just like many other networks and projects that have experienced downfall in the past, have been connected back to poor or unplanned execution and the occurrence of this incident has happened multiple times with companies like Microsoft. Add this incapability to the lack of availability and performance across widely used android smartphones, battling for user retention would be even more dire when  the scaling of many gaming elements for mobile users could go horribly wrong if not discussed and organized in a logical manner.

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