Game Streaming in Game Development

By Juegostudio | Game Development | January 6th, 2020

Game Streaming the next big thing in Game Development Industry

The strong conviction that has enveloped the generation to breathe in the air of futuristic design and evolution, is getting stronger every day. No longer do people dream about having flying cars or tech-savvy life, because the future is here. We are living in the future, which has definitely made life simpler, like real time satellite tracking, video transmission, and streaming, cloud computing, and an addition to the wall of fame is game streaming.

What is Game Streaming?

To know about Game Streaming, get to know about Cloud Gaming. Simply put, cloud gaming is the reincarnation of the traditional gaming stereotypes. Taking a long break from the hectic process of installing a game before playing it, cloud gaming as the name suggests is an aspect of online gaming where the gamer enters the company server that comprises the options of games that the gamer can choose from. This is done only after the gamer installs a client programmer and that provides them the ability to play any game from the server without installing it on your device.

Game streaming is a type of cloud gaming among the three types; peer-to-peer gaming, progressive downloading, and game streaming. It allows on-demand online gaming through a thin client, (a network computer that is lightweight and has been optimized to manage server-based operations) and thus eliminates the use of gaming consoles and devices. In easy words, game streaming is a solution to the gaming problems that players come across. With the help of a controller, a player can play or stream through games over a cloud-based system on your screen.  

The slow but steady change in game development

The innovation and experimentation that is put into effect in Game Development serve a big deal. It is expected to corner any other industry with this magnitude of prominence. The market giants have already begun their expedition to make Game Streaming a ‘thing’ from just a buzzword. Google, Microsoft are all changing their rules to join the gaming team. If this is not the revolution that could make or break the industry, then what?

So, we can consider this as the beginning of version 2.0. With multiple serious projects lined up by the industry commanders, it is quite evident the horizons of gaming and animation is going to be extended and only for good. Google, Microsoft, Jio, Nvidia, all are trying to capture the market with their unique products. The rush to become the pioneers is unsettling till the market demands are absolutely apprehended.

Amateurs or professionals, game streaming is popular for multiple reasons:

  • Entertainment- Game streaming serves a purpose of entertainment for the gaming enthusiasts. Even watching a player play a game can be delightful for others.
  • Learn- A professional player can learn from other players. Live game streaming can be beneficial as studying a game can add to their knowledge.
  • Socialize- There are millions of players around the world who like connecting to fellow players and join the community of gamers who play at leisure or as a profession. Game streaming would also build a community of like-minded people.

Who is joining the club?

There are these big shots who are already getting ahead in the race. With an objective to serve the gaming community, these companies are developing their A-game, creating an impact that could add value to the entire network of Gaming and Animation. Let’s know more about them:

  • Google Stadia – A cloud gaming service meant for being the best game streaming directly from the server. It is meant to be accessible through the Google Chrome web browser where for initials you can buy and stream 22 games. With 4K resolution and HDR view of 60 frames per second, the service is said to be different from many others available or launching soon in the market. It is different from the video streaming platforms for a simple reason, you buy the games to play or stream through, and you don’t just get access to its game library all at once.  Also, Google pays heads to the best interest of its audience, thus, offering two-tier services namely, the Free Base Level and the Monthly Subscription Pro Level.
  • Project xCloud – Microsoft’s recent launch is its new game streaming service, a comprehensive eco-system that allows any device owners along with Xbox players to actively participate in the game streaming change that is prevailing at present. The user needs to have an android device, a Bluetooth Xbox One controller, and Microsoft’s new game streaming app. Unlike some others, xCloud is providing its users the Xbox content library to stream through. “We’re developing Project xCloud not as a replacement for game consoles, but as a way to provide the same choice and versatility that lovers of music and video enjoy today,”- CVP of Gaming Cloud at Microsoft Kareem Choudhry
  • Jio STB – It is what the Indian market is expected to trust. The STB is one of a kind that supports Android 9.0 and pre-embedded streaming and gaming apps. The STB needs to be connected to the Jio Fibre Modem and the user is good to go.
  • GeForce Now Cloud – GeForce technology enables a user to convert any device into a gaming PC. With quality gaming resolution, high-powered gaming rigs, ultra-streaming mode, and instant installs, it is the best in the streaming, playing, and choosing game over game libraries from your system, it caters to all gaming needs with GeForce Now Cloud Service.       

Al these streamlined projects display the massive change in the environment. Its promising goals that are trying to achieve and why game streaming can be the future technology for the gaming enthusiast.   

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