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Gaming industry has evolved over the years as new technologies and newer platforms and devices have come to foray. The gaming entertainment industry has also seen a huge shift the way it offers content or engages users, with the advent of the new era of gaming industry trends. We owe our genesis to the niche gaming industry when we started more than 6 years back, offering a plethora of services. As we evolved with the gaming industry, so did our services, to accommodate other industries like the new media and entertainment industry.

Gaming and Entertainment industry
  • Juego Studios has been one of the frontrunners in the gaming and entertainment services industries
  • Rather than just another service provider, we try to solve business problems related to various aspects of these gaming industries.
  • Whether its customer engagement or branding, new product launches or new customer acquisition, we offer our services and solutions, encompassing all such challenges.
  • With teams which cater to specific roles, we ensure that our services are the best in class. Some of the services we offer for the gaming and entertainment industry, include the following:

Game development :

We offer game development services across several platforms, ranging from iOS, Android, Windows Phone, desktops, online virtual reality and augmented reality. Our development team is well versed in use of the prominent tools, technologies & gaming engines, like Unity3D, Cocos2d-X, HTLM5, AngularJS, Unreal, OpenGL, WebGL, Vuforia & ARToolKit, to name a few. Using scrum methodology, we ensure that any feedback or iterations are considered during the game development process.

Art & Design:

Our team of artists and designers ensure that we create aesthetically superior art for games and our media. With a team comprising of concept artists, 3D modellers, texturers, riggers, animators, 2D artists & UI designers, we offer end to end art, design & animation services.

Branding & Promotions :

We offer services for branding and customer engagement for various brands. Having created games for movies or gaming apps for new product launches, we understand the need and the ways to engage customers and users. With a clientele ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, we offer our game design and development services to cover all aspects of branding, promotions & advertising.

Game - Porting :

With the advent of several platforms to engage users on, it is imperative to have a game on multiple platforms. We offer our game porting services to cater to this demand. Our game porting services can be used to either port a game on a platform to other platforms or to port the technology the game is built on. Using game engines like Unity, Cocos2d-X, HTML5 & Unreal to ensure that any game can be made available to multiple platforms with a single code base.


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