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By Juegostudio | Game Development | April 24th, 2020

Most Downloaded Mobile Games that the world preferred this March 2020

While March was mellow and uncertain, it did not cause havoc for the gaming community. Interestingly, there were some noteworthy spikes in downloads of your favourite games. What could possibly people do under a lockdown? Play online games for sure. Though it was predicted that the year would twirl the mobile gaming industry and make it bigger and better, it was again proved that it’s not every industry that awaits a downfall. The market for mobile gaming is at all time high and indulging mobile game developers & companies to develop much more games. we could just glorify its existence.

In tough times like this, it looks like the world took mobile gaming as their solution to bid farewell to boredom. While it is assumed by communities that mental issues would be a bitter truth to gulp, people are trying to come together through entertainment. Even WHO has turned up saying video gaming as a healing idea amidst this pandemic which previously was constituted as a gaming disorder. If this is not a good news, then what could be?

There have been major increases in internet activities throughout the globe, some associating with social media to stay connected with the rest of the world, others simply resorting to mobile games to share a time of happiness and laughter. Multiplayer games are getting popular and this is said to increase if the lockdown extends. Let’s take a look at the games that have been quite favorite in March 2020.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Mobile Games of March 2020

  1. Slap King- Leading the worldwide chart is Slap King. Though sounds bizarre and unneeding at the first instance, this quarantine, the game has broken the download button. Based on a true event that happened in Moscow, the Lion studios made it to grab the title of being the most popular game in the US and India. This game is all about being the best ‘Slapper’ and you have very little to do in the game other than Slap your opponent and leap levels. With 35.6 million downloads this march, this game is on top of the leader board in most downloaded  mobile games of march 2020.  
  2. Draw Climber– The game stands second in the race and brought to you by Voodoo. Be creative as you can and draw your own legs to win the crazy race. Draw Climber is climbing up its chart and was next to Slap King with 31.7 million downloads. Being the most favourite in two countries Indonesia and Russia, let out your artistic spirit to win.
  3. PUBG Mobile– Never to be guessed, but well known to be one of the most popular games even before quarantine, this multiplayer game by Tencent is in the third most popular choice of people. As it reaches its 2nd anniversary, the game is shifting gears and becoming an entertainment medium for not just the gaming enthusiasts but even for the recent downloaders.  
  4. Woodturning– With the ASMR videos just doing its rounds, this game has picked up some limelight. It can be called the most satisfying game that one could find over the internet. Launched by Voodoo, this game made it to the fourth lead in March 2020. All you need to do is carve out the shape given to you and win difficulty levels. With 23 million downloads worldwide, this game is adding block by block to reach the crest.
  5. Perfect Cream– Who doesn’t like whipped cream as a topping? In your cakes and your waffles, even your brownies. So, if you like your frosting, you would love perfect cream. Also, because it is being the fifth favoured mobile game launched by Playgendary. 17 million downloads in March 2020 and most played in India, this game is up for grabs in Play and Apple store.
  6. Garena Free Fire– Developed and published by Garena Studios, and a Google Play rating of 4.35, this game is a crowd favourite at this time. Being an ultimate survival shooter game, this has to be one that scores and earns a whopping 9 million dollars worldwide just this March and also with 2 million downloads. Mostly famous in Brazil, this game surely would be a nice entertainment for people.
  7. Subway Surfers– This game never gets old. Launched by SYBO games, this game is loved by people from all ages and has secured the 7th most played game worldwide and have generated revenue of $200K. The escape game though loved by everyone has a great fanbase in India specifically. Falling into the category of Arcade Game, this is an all time leisure favourite.
  8. Spiral roll–  As simple as it gets, yet a crowd favourite, spiral roll is all about scraping out wood spirals and destroying obstacles with it. 13 million downloads as of March 2020 and an Arcade game by Voodoo again. This game with its simple graphics and user friendly controls is winning the internet and appears to be in the top 10 of mobile games.
  9. Brain Test- Launched by Unico Studio, this game is built to churn all the brain matter. Knock your brain and play this popular game that has achieved a 15 million download in March 2020 and maintained to rule the mobile gaming sphere. Riddles, Puzzles and Twisters, this is the format of the game that will keep you seated. Known to be highly addictive by its players, this game will be great to make those brain cells run wild, only this quarantine.
  10. Hunter Assassin– This game has crossed a 20 million download mark in March 2020 and is living to be the termed as the best mobile game as an Action game. Launched by Ruby game studio, this is primarily popular in Turkey and India.

Juego Studio presents to you the top 10 most downloaded mobile games of March 2020 and keeps on reminding of the true essence of gaming which was sheer entertainment has transformed today and has been a medium to keep a stable mental health in this time of Quarantine.

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