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By juegoadmin | Gamification | August 3rd, 2021

Four Reasons Why Modern Education Systems Indulge in Game-Based Learning

Prevailing conception about the effect of gaming on children:

We always think that video games lead to addictions and extreme behaviors. Children turn hot-headed quickly since they are engrossed in their gadgets. They have no time for physical exercise or even any form of social interaction. These are the recklessly popular but mistaken perceptions prevailing amongst the collective. Yes, there does exist an air of criticism around children and gaming. But what we fail to recognize is that if gaming is used with the right intent it is certain to drastically improve the academic caliber of your child.

Education industry: Reshaping itself to embrace a technologically driven future.

The education industry and learning have transformed drastically over the years. Especially over the last two to three decades, education in itself has become more modernized and technological. This has brought several advantages for all actors in the education industry.

Delineating Game based learning Solutions:

Living in a digital age it is highly impossible for you to grasp concepts through chalk and talk. With gaming infused learning there has been high rates of improvement and development in both teaching and learning. One might wonder what really is Game Based learning solutions? To that we say, it is the most interactive and lively way through which a student can learn, study and read.

Top Four Reasons Why Game Based Learning Solutions are More Beneficial!

1. The bond between video games, visual memory, and motor skills:

Several studies have proved that learning through the form of video games improves a student’s motor skills and visual memory. This helps them to retain the concepts longer than usual. For instance, The Zappy Squirrel game imparts knowledge on par with the IEEE standards.

It also improves the cognitive abilities of both children and adults. It keeps the brain in a loop stimulating and thinking and thus improving the brain’s performance. With modern education gradually changing the stereotypical form of learning and teaching, game based learning solutions have now taken the lead and surpassed all previous methods.

2. Improves Concentration and Coordination:

Students, be it either a child or an adult, who play video games find the need to concentrate more. They are not idle and just do not sit watching the screen. They need to concentrate on every action that takes place inside the game world. This is one way that improves their cognitive skills and stimulates mental thinking. Through every movement or action they take in a particular game they understand their series of past and future actions, and they remain coordinated throughout the course of the game. One of the most successful game based learning applications like Byju’s and Mezmedia incorporate elements to feed the curiosity of students.

While playing the game they also keep their ears open, eyes focused, and hands, which do all the physical movements, all in one coordinated flow. In this way, they learn the skills of concentration and coordination both in an independent manner and the value of both these skills in coexistence.

3. Enhancement of a wide range of skills:

Memory does not occur only through reading and writing but also through gaming; wondering how? Learning a theoretical or practical concept through a video can improve your visual and auditory memory. By understanding ideas and theories through visual and audial modes it helps in retaining the piece of information much more than other regular methods of teaching.

It can be illustrated in a simple way, let’s suppose a student studies World War II through the form of a game. The student in the world of gaming will be deemed as a player with certain special powers, rewards and ranks that will tingle this energy to perform well and earn more rewards. This, if implemented inside classroom learning, will have a direct and positive impact on student engagement.

Prior to the game, the player who is a student is given some instructions that have to be followed through the course of the game. When they read these rules it instills in them a sense of discipline to follow the rules being laid in order to achieve the end goal. In one way this improves their social behavior and skills. Once they get hold of all these it leads to automatic improvement of memory, be it short or long term.

4. Improves attention and critical thinking:

When an individual plays an action based video game similar to ReadyK, it has proven to improve the player’s attention span for the entire period of the game. They realize that in order to progress in the game they must be attentive at all times. Speaking of critical thinking and problem solving, they are the two most important qualities a student must-have.

These two skills can be easily imparted through game-based learning. Since all video games come with a set of simple rules, every player will carefully analyze every move they make beforehand. They think and rethink every step they take in order to emerge successfully. In this way, they understand the nuances of attending to a problem and providing a solution in a simple yet smart way.

Numerous other benefits:

There are several other proven benefits that one can derive through game based learning. It can lead to the development of several skills: it makes you more observant, teaches you social skills, and also helps in creating new friends and strengthening bonds. Though there exists criticism that video games are not healthy for an individual when introduced as a part of learning modules, they are played in moderation. Let’s hope that new-age learning will help all learners irrespective of their backgrounds to achieve their learning goals and objectives.

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