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The Various Types Of Metaverse

Several types of Metaverses exist, each of which differs from one another. We all know that the metaverse concept is not new and before delving into the metaverse types, let’s understand what metaverse is in a simple definition.

Metaverse is in the form of 3D virtual terrains or an online virtual universe that is shared & accessible and a virtual space where interaction & immersion are constant. This metaverse environment with virtual & augmented realities brings together any physical person to create and explore life in the form of an avatar.

It is a place of exchange that gathers innumerable services of real life & virtual world and then serves as a way for anyone to share & exchange what they want. Companies offering Metaverse Development Services create an immersive experience in the metaverse and is a path of continuity, becoming a gateway to various interaction paths. Many companies are improving the user experience in the metaverse.

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There are different types of the metaverse. Let’s understand in detail these types of the metaverse.

Types of Metaverse:-

Here are the different types of metaverse:-

1. Centralized Metaverses of Traditional Type:

This type of metaverse is also categorized as a Web2 type of metaverse. In traditional types of the metaverse, there are two forms – web2 & web3 metaverses. This type of metaverse functions on a centralized system where a central organization controls user data access.

It means that there is no mechanism of blockchain integration in these metaverses. However, there is a possibility of building a digital economic system by inserting a blockchain in these interfaces.

To progress through the game, every user has an avatar in these worlds. These types of metaverses have the most users, and for the brands that are looking for quantity to build their users, this type can be the best choice.

One such example of this is the game Fortnite. The other brands primarily found in these metaverses are the fashion brands offering their users playful experiences and wearables for their avatars.

2. Centralized Metaverses of Blockchain Type:

This type of metaverse is also categorized as a Web3 type of metaverse. It integrates blockchain into its mechanism. In this blockchain metaverse, users can monetize their creations through a digital economic environment.

It also allows interactions to progress and develop in these virtual spaces. This type of metaverse functions on crypto payments where a third party controls user data access.

One can also find Non-Fungible Tokens to be exchanged or traded in such systems. One such example of this is Earth2, the next Meta metaverse.

Decentralized Metaverses of Blockchain Type:

This type of metaverse is also categorized as a Web3 type of metaverse. The users have the power and complete control to make the decision instead of a central organization in these decentralized blockchain metaverses. The users look after the administration of the virtual world. This type of metaverse is guided by a system known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The smart contracts build the rules in a given metaverse in this system. It is possible to create and develop a virtual economy here, which is considered the most successful form among all the metaverses.

In these metaverses, the balance of power is reversed by creating a community dynamic, as the wealth distribution concept makes more sense in such decentralized platforms. As the user has the authority in decision making, they have total control over their data wherein users can monetize their creations & resell on these platforms.

So here, the users are rewarded with virtual currency or items hence the earning mechanisms such as “Create-to-earn, “Play-to-earn,” & “Engage-to-earn” in NFT are most visible in these metaverses. It is where collaborators or users feel part of the ecosystem, with the user being a creator rather than the user being subjected to the content.

Some examples of this type of metaverse are Axie Infinity and The Sandbox, which allow users to earn tokens or cryptocurrency while playing, so these are of the play-to-earn model.

Another example of this type of metaverse where users own & trade plots of land in a more traditional way is the Decentraland. Some brands are conducting events like fashion weeks and many such events in the Decentraland metaverse. These decentralized blockchain metaverses provide a scope for the organizations that will enable equal power distribution in a community.

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