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By Juegostudio | iOS Apps & Games | May 8th, 2020


As the first quarter of 2020 has come to a close, we’ve seen a lot of amazing game releases for the iOS gaming platform. 

As we all know iPhone kicked off the mobile gaming revolution, Games on this platform always have a notable impact on the gaming industry.  Plenty of exciting games have been released in the past three months in every genre.

However, if you want to try out the latest and best games released this year so far, the biggest hurdle you will face is finding the games in the first place. The second one would be narrowing the list down to a few options which you can actually try.

This is where we have got you covered.

Below we are listing the top 10 great iOS games released this year ( in no particular order). The list includes games targeted towards various audiences from multiple genres as well as both free and paid games. So you are guaranteed to find one that suits your tastes.

One of the reasons for Apple’s success is a result of creating an amazing platform to develop astounding iOS games and greater performance of iPhones and iPads, among other things.

So without further ado, here we go:

List of Top 10 iOS Games Released in 2020:

1. Pico Tanks

Pico Tanks is an action-packed battle arena game where you control a tank and face-off in 3v3 matches.

You can create your own unique tank, customizing the looks, and selecting weapons that suit your specific playing style. Then you can form a team of 3 either with your friends or with strangers and battle against other teams.

The game has three modes you can choose from. The first is ‘Hold the Flag’ where your team’s objective is to capture a flag and hold it longer than the opponents.  In the second one, named ‘Fetch Cargo’ someone from your team has to grab a cargo before your opponents do and drag it all the way to your base to win. And in the final one, ‘Team Deathmatch, you square off against the other team in a traditional battle arena mode, where you have to defeat everyone in the opponent’s team before they can do the same to you.

Price: Free (Has In-app purchases)


2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is an action RPG game from Konami and is a port of the 1997 cult-classic Playstation game of the same name.

In the game, you play as Alucard, who must adventure his way through Dracula’s vast castle, during which you have to battle a unique array of enemies and meet other characters. The game has an amazing background soundtrack and beautiful visual style both of which hold up to this day.

Being an excellent port, the game’s controls have been adapted to suit the modern smartphone touchscreens and are very intuitive to use. And if however, you prefer to play using an external controller, the game supports that as well.

Furthermore, the game is available in 6 languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish

Price: 2.99$


3. Wide Ocean Big Jacket

Wide Ocean Big Jacket is an adventure game that will immerse you in an amazing storyline, with a short gameplay time of 60-90 minutes.

The game begins with an uncle and aunt taking their middle-school niece and her boyfriend on a camping trip to a place called ‘Wide Ocean Jacket.’ In the 20 chapters long story that is interlaced with humor throughout, you play as all the four different characters as they encounter various scenarios and explore 8 different areas. 

The game has a beautiful 2D/ 3D art style that perfectly sets the tone of the game, in addition to a soothing soundtrack.

Price: $3.99


4. Dream League 2020

Dream League 2020 is the latest edition in the acclaimed mobile soccer game series Dream League.

As in previous games, you build your own dream team, this time from a roster of 3,500 licensed players. You start small and have to rise through the ranks of 8 divisions, building your stadium and improving your training, medical, and commercial facilities, until you reach and win the final division: The Legendary Division.

In addition to the single-player mode, there is also Dream League Live, in which you can play against players from around the world and try to get to the top of the global leaderboard.

The graphics of the game is motion-captured entirely and is a significant improvement over past versions. Other improvements have been made to gameplay, tactics, and match commentary.

Price: Free (has in-app purchases)


5. Summer Catchers

Summer Catchers is a story-driven adventure game that is interlaced with elements from racing and puzzle genres.

In the game, you play as a character who is on a quest to find summer in her wooden car, by traveling to distant lands full of strange creatures and mystic wonders. And as you journey through various terrains like dark forests, damp swaps, vast valleys, and underground cities, you will encounter and fight various bosses and overcome other obstacles.

The game has a beautiful 2D pixel art style reminiscent of the NES.

Price: $3.99


6. Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle is a platformer style game from the makers of the acclaimed mobile game ‘Crossy Road.’

In the game, you have to hop from one room to the next of a spinning tower, while collecting coins and battling enemies along the way. You will be given 3 lives at the beginning with the option to buy additional lives using coins, and have to finish as many levels as you can, each of which will take you 15 to 30 seconds to complete. 

You can either play solo or together with your friends. The makers also add new towers and characters on a regular basis, so the users will never run out of content to enjoy.

Price: Is part of the Apple Arcade subscription (4.99$ a month)


7. Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager is an action RPG game with dark fantasy elements.

You can play 20 hours’ worth of content in this story-driven game, where you will play as 4 different characters, each with their own strengths and skills. Like these characters, you’ll have to confront and fight epic bosses and other enemies.

The game has top-notch 3D graphics that match the game’s dark tone, in addition to a magnificent soundtrack and voiced dialogues. Furthermore, it also has support for various external controllers.

Price: $6.99


8. Early Worm

Early Worm is a multi-leveled platformer suitable for people of all ages. 

You play as a worm who is trying to collect apples scattered throughout 80 different levels. Your objective to use the drag and drop controls to make your worm jump, and collect the apples in as few jumps as possible.

To aid you in this journey, you can take advantage of various things like honey-coated walls, mushroom beds, mechanical puzzles, etc., while you also have to evade various obstacles in the meantime.

The game has colorful graphics and a gorgeous art style that everyone in the family will find appealing.

Price: Free (has in-app purchases)


9. Warface Global Operations

Warface is a multiplayer shooter game where you square off against opponents in team-based battles. It is the mobile re-incarnation of Warface, the popular free-to-play PC and console game. 

In the game, you can create your own custom character as well as create custom weapons suitable to your playstyle using various attachments. The game has over 80 weapons and other types of gear and equipment, as well as 5 unique combat locations. 

Price: Free (has in-app purchases)


10. Bullet League

Bullet League is a 2D platformer with battle-royale style gameplay. 

In the game, you square off against opponents in fast-paced 32 PvP matches on a huge explorable island. To fight, you can use an arsenal of upgradeable weapons, as well as build buildings and structures to both, save yourself or trap enemies.

You can play the game in any one of 3 different modes. The first one is solo, whereas the name suggests you play solo in an epic 32 PvP match. The second, Squads, lets you build your own squad and take on other similar squads. And the third, Friend Brawl, lets you create a private room where you can invite and play against your friends.

Price: Free (has in-app purchases)


All these games are loved dearly by their users. So pick the ones you think you would like the most and give them a try. We’re sure that you will end up having some great fun-filled time.

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