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By juegoadmin | Game Development | January 21st, 2021

What Makes The Multifaceted Unity3D Platform The Most Preferred Choice?

Unity3D Game development is something every game developer is aware of. Nowadays, every other game developer prefers Unity3D platforms for crafting 2D or 3D games like Necrofugitive, Monster Girl Maker, and Monument Valley, right? But what makes it unique? Why do game developers love the Unity3D platform?

Well, if any of the above questions intrigue you, this blog is for you. Here you’ll find why Unity3D is versatile and preferred. You’ll also find some amazing benefits Unity3D platform has. So, let’s dive right in.

What is Unity3D?

Before heading forward, let’s understand what Unity3D is. Unity or Unity 3d platform or game engine used to create 2D or 3D games. With Unity3D, you can create cross-platform games: games that run on iOS, Android, PC, web, and even gaming consoles. More or less, Unity3D is a game development platform with numerous features.

The all-round nature of Unity3D Platform and the bias towards it:

Unity has lots of precedences that gives it the whip hand over other similar platforms. Here are some advantages Unity has over other platforms: –

1. Unity supports Community Development:

Unity3D platform is vast. It’s the reason community support is quite important in this case. Once you start developing with Unity3D platform, you’ll notice how well-defined all the features and aspects are.

If any aspect seems too complex, you can ask for help from the Unity team. And they’ll definitely lend you a helping hand. You must know that with time, every technology evolves. And Unity is no exception. So, you need to be updated. However, with Unity, you’ll get updates regarding every upgrade in the platform. It’ll help you work better and reap the benefits of new features.

2. Cross-Platform Advantages:

A game developer has to be versatile to survive this competitive industry. And Unity takes care of that. Unity3D is a cross-platform game development environment. It means you can create 3D and 2D games for Mac, Web, iOS, Android, and even consoles at once.

In Unity3D, you only need to code once and can reuse it. You can develop a game and make it adjustable to innumerable devices with dissimilar screen sizes. All it requires is some minor modification in the boot settings, and you’re done.

Cross-platform development has more benefits than you can imagine. It’ll culminate in the retention of your time and money as well. And this is one of the major factors of dominance which Unity possesses over other platforms.

3. Unity is based on C#:

Unity3D game platform works on the basis of C#. It’s easy to learn yet powerful language that can help you start Unity 3D Game Development. C# has made it easy for the new game developers to enter into the game development industry. So, you need not be an expert programmer to get into game development.

4. Unity Platform is Free:

You won’t find many game engines offering a free version. Fortunately, Unity offers it. It means you can create amazing 2D, 3D applications as well as games without spending even a fraction of your penny. There may be more features in the premium version, but the free version is almost as good.

5. Unity3D is a complete package:

With Unity3d, you can not only create games but deploy them as well. Whether it’s a single character or a complete environment, with Unity, you can execute it all. All in all, Unity3D is a complete package that has the tools to help you develop and launch a game.

What are some other benefits of Unity3D Game Platform?

Here are some general benefits that make Unity Game development easy: –

1. Rendering is easy with Unity3D:

With Unity, you can use various rendering software such as Adobe Photoshop, 3Ds Max, and even Blender. Basically, with 3D rendering, you can create an image based on the 3D data stored on your machine. With rendering, you can turn this data into captivating images that have a life-like appeal. It further helps in making the games more immersive.

2. Scripting does the hard job:

With Unity3D, you can add scripts to your code. You can think of scripts as pieces of code that perform a particular function in the Unity editor. You can use C# or Javascript to create editor level scripts. With well-formed scripts, you can: –

  •       Create new objects
  •       Manipulate an object, i.e., move, replace or remove an object
  •       Add cheats
  •       Increase or decrease player lives
  •       Detect collisions
  •       & more

Performing the above operations manually is always an option. But it’s rather a long process. So, with scripting, you can get the hard jobs done easily in no time.

3. Well Equipped Asset Store:

Now, one of the biggest problems developers face with other game engines is the lack of assets. Fortunately, this is not the case with Unity3D. You get a Unity asset store where a number of plugins and assets are available. You can easily download the assets or plugins into your own Unity game with ease.

4. MSF handles the backend:

Multiplatform Solution framework or MSF makes the entire development very easy. With MSF, you can:

  •       Receive content from the server.
  •       Store files.
  •       Integrate games across various social platforms.
  •       Store player or user profile.

MSF is quite easy to use. It’ll provide you with regular updates and upgrades. Also, it significantly shortens the entire game development process.

5. With Unity3d, you can create amazing games:

Features like object shadowing or/and water rendering are not available with every game engine. But with Unity, you get a set of cool built-in tools. Such tools can help you create a game with rare functionality. This way, you can craft games that are one of a kind or unique.

Do you want an application built using Unity3D?

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