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By juegoadmin | Mobile Game Development | October 26th, 2021

Which is the Best Choice for Gaming? A Mobile Browser or an Mobile App?

Is gaming on a mobile app best or on a mobile browser? If you have this question in mind, this blog is for you. Below, you’ll discover the needed information to make an informed choice.

Why is Mobile Gaming so Popular?

Mobile gaming has become wildly popular. And why wouldn’t it be? Mobile games are more innovative, interactive, and have better graphics. Also, nowadays, there are games based on VR and AR tech, which makes the gaming experience more immersive.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Browsers: Which One is Superior for Gaming?

Here are some important factors which you might want to consider before making a decision:

1. Functionality

When it comes to functionality, mobile apps have the upper hand. It’s because, for developers, it’s easy to create a highly functional mobile gaming app. However, when it comes to mobile browser games, more effort and finances are required to introduce the same functionality.

Also, these days, you can easily afford a mobile with amazing features. A phone with a good battery, VR/AR support, good RAM, and processor are now affordable. And such features come into play when you use a mobile gaming app and not the browser.

Some highly functional mobile gaming apps:

  • Fortnite
  • Freefire
  • PUBG

Some highly functional mobile browser games:

  • Prodigy
  • io
  • Browser Quest

2. Performance

Earlier, Flash was used for creating browser games which made them incompatible with handheld devices. But now HTML5 is used, which makes it possible to play web games in any web browser on any device. So, if you consider the performance, the gaming experience in mobile browsers has significantly improved.

However, if you compare browser games with mobile apps, mobile apps still perform better than browsers. It’s because mobile apps store data locally, which is easy to retrieve, unlike browsers. So, this gives an upper hand to mobile apps in terms of performance.

3. User interface

When it comes to visual restraints, there aren’t any in the case of mobile apps. For example, a navigation bar is necessary for every browser app. It’s completely unavoidable. But that is not necessary when you’re developing a mobile app.

It simply means that a mobile app gives you more flexibility than a mobile browser. So, it’s easy to create an immersive experience with mobile apps.

 4. Installation & Compatibility

Mobile games are to be installed before in order for you to play. Although it may sound natural, it’s a bit inconvenient. After all, some mobile games are as large as 2GBs. And when you install the game, it can occupy anywhere between 6-10GBs, which is quite a hassle.

However, if you consider mobile browsers, there’s no such thing as installation. Once you log into the browser game, you can start playing it there and then. And this is quite convenient.

Some mobile app games come with specific hardware requirements like 8GB RAM, quad-core processor, VR compatibility, etc. And such hardware specifications aren’t available in every mobile device out there. This is what creates a compatibility issue.

But in the case of mobile browser games, there’s no compatibility issue. For example, a game like Endgame: Syria works fine on laptops, mobiles, smartphones, computers, and every device with a web browser. All in all, browser games require no installation and are compatible with all devices. And this gives an upper hand to mobile browser games.

5. Updates

In the case of gaming apps, if an update is to be introduced, you need to download and install it via the app. The size of the updates varies from a few MBs to 2 or more GBs. For example, whenever there’s a new season of PUBG mobile game, the update is always more than 1GB, which is quite inconvenient.

However, in the case of mobile browser games, things are distinct. As soon as you log in or refresh the page, the updates are automatically downloaded and installed. Now, that’s sleek. So, in the case of updates, browser games have the upper hand over the applications.

Our Burning Question – Which is better?

The best answer would be a question: What are your requirements? And the answer to this question will decide which one’s better for you. For example, if you want to play immersive games, have a very capable smartphone, and have a high-speed internet connection, you can choose mobile gaming apps.

However, if your smartphone is an average one with limited space and features, you can choose mobile browser games. So, the correct answer depends on what resources you have at your disposal or what requirements you have.

Who can help you create gaming apps for your mobile and browser?

Well, for creating web browsers and mobile gaming apps, you can connect with Juego Studios. Who are Juego Studios? Juego Studios is a full-service app and game development company. It has offices in India, the UK, Kuwait, and the USA.

Juego Studios has been in the game development industry for over a decade. And ever since, we’ve worked with several Fortune 500 companies like Warner Bros, Amazon, Puma, Flipkart, etc.

Our developers have the best tech and tools at disposal to deliver nothing but the best. Here are some mobile gaming apps developed by our experts:

Here are some HTML5 (Browser games) games crafted by our developers:


Juego Studios can help you create some of the best Mobile, PC, VR, HTML5, and almost every type of game. And all this at an affordable price. So, connect with Juego Studios now and turn your game idea into reality.

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