Fantasy game for toddlers

  • Technology : Unity3D
  • Genre : Toonish simulation gameplay with online & offline modes.
  • Platform : iOS & Android
It’s a simulation game, can be played both online and offline, but be sure to connect to the internet to download the latest critters. This tree world game is not just made for kids,  it can engage other age group, target audience with fun loving tiny creatures.


  • Kingdom filled with the  Caterpillow critter, Nautilus critter, Pandicorn critter and more!
  • Collect all  tiny creature, an adorable animal, a dragon, a monster and more!
  • Trade with friends and families .
  • Defeat  Gnome King and his minion in an adventure to save critters!
  • Connect with friends and visit their tree
  • Tap to grow your tree through different layers of vale and forest.
  • Customize  your tree
  • Summon elf Poppy to unlock new creature


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