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By juegoadmin | Mobile Game Development | September 16th, 2021

The Rules for Developing a Mobile Gaming App

Developing a game app is harder than it looks. You can not just create a random game and expect the best results. There are multiple factors you need to closely attend to. Player interest, novelty, the genre being some examples. Without proper research, your game won’t do any good.

Well, if you have the above question, read along. At Juego Studios, we have collated a list that needs to be adhered to while developing a mobile gaming application. If you’re ready, let’s begin.

Do’s for developing an impeccable Mobile Gaming Application:

Games like Pokémon Go or PUBG are never made by chance. There’s a lot of planning and analysis that goes into it. Here are some Do’s that’ll help you craft an impeccable mobile game:

1. Discard old ideas and introduce something new:

Several game developers create a replica of already popular games. Check out these 10 games that copied the famous “Among Us” mobile game. Now, this simply means that the developers have stolen the original ideal of the game. In most cases, such games fail. It’s because nothing matches the original.

However, this is something you must forbid from doing. You need to introduce any novelty into the world. Only then will the gamers come running towards your games.

Okay, what would you expect from a mobile game? Ask this question to yourself and to the public as well. This may give you a unique idea of the next top-grossing game.

2. Study the market demand and the interest of the gamers:

Who are you creating the mobile games for? Obviously, for the gamers out there. So, you need to recognize the genuine interests of avid gamers. Also, you need to know what’s popular in the market presently. Let’s say Fortnite and PUBG are popular these days. What’s the thing that interests the gamers?

Maybe it’s the multiplayer nature, or the ability to chat, or the graphics, etc. You can take help of the data available online. You can discover the most admired game at present. This way, you can understand the gaming market and the gamers better.

3. Repetitively analyze the game concept.

The above step/process will help you create a game concept. The game concept is basically the vision of your game. It includes what you’re creating, monetization plans, the story, etc. Once you create this game concept, make sure to analyze it thoroughly. It’s because sometimes, what looks perfect at the start might cause issues midway.

You’ll find some technical or logical issues which you can resolve then and there. The motive is to make the development process as seamless as possible. So, if you want to ensure the seamless nature of the development process, follow these steps.

4. Grasp more knowledge about the attributes and shortcomings of the Mobile OS:

Most commonly, you’ll create gaming apps for iOS or Android platforms. So, you need to know everything about these platforms, such as their features and limitations. Let’s say your game involves the use of GPS. If the mobile operating system doesn’t support this feature, your game won’t be successful.

Also, it’s not just about the limitations. If you know about all the features, you can leverage them better. Consequently, you’ll be able to deliver better to the gamers. Here you can learn about Android and iOS operating systems.

Don’ts for developing an impeccable Gaming Application:

Now that we’re done with what you need to do, here’s what you shouldn’t do:

1. Keep unnecessary complexities at bay.

Sometimes complex features act like icing on the cake. However, you should never add complex features unless completely necessary. It’s because such features can complicate the gameplay and user experience. Sometimes complex features disengage the users, which leads to users turning away from the game.

It’s the reason top mobile game development companies like Juego Studios prefer using easy-to-handle features for creating attractive games. After all, the gamers out there have plenty of games to download. If they don’t like your game, they’ll immediately uninstall it. So, make sure to keep the complex features to a minimum.

2. Prefer limited yet valuable content:

Now, mobile games have some limitations. As the screen size is smaller than laptops and other screens, the vision is limited too. So, if you add too much irrelevant content to your game, it will disinterest your user. And this must be circumvented compulsorily.

So, make sure that everything on the screen is relevant to the user. To know what’s relevant and what’s not, take feedback from a few hundred people.

3. Never copy someone’s idea/game:

Some game developers, because of a lack of ideas, replicate a popular game. The end result might gain a lot of traffic. But it’s temporary. It’s because if you create a replica of a game, you might face a copyright strike or even a lawsuit.

Therefore, always use original ideas. And for ideas, you can take inspiration from the trending games. You can find what it is that’s attracting the gamers. Also, you can launch a public survey and ask people what they would like to see in a game. Performing this will aid you to find a unique idea/concept.

Who can help you develop a popular mobile gaming application?

Well, you must contact Juego Studios in this case. Juego Studios is a full-service mobile app and game development company with over a decade of experience. We have seasoned iOS/android full-stack developers who will demystify everything. Our developers put in a great deal of research before turning your idea into reality. Here are some of the games developed by our developers:

If you have something unique, connect with us now. Our team will aid you to transform your idea into the next sensational mobile gaming app.

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