Put your heart on the track

  • Technology : HTML5/JS
  • Genre : Promotional/ Branding 3D game
  • Platform : Web & Mobile browsers
  • Type: 3D

Synchrony Running, a promotional game that was developed for Synchrony Bank which had a predefined path and AI chatbot that described various features/benefits the bank provides.
It is a simple runner game with swipe functions for shifting lanes and for jumping and sliding under obstacles.
The character needs to collect Synchrony points for a power-up of Time freeze for few seconds and also items on the way from various stores to indicate that the Bank supported transactions for various stores.
The game allows you to customize the character where the player would be able to choose from 3 types of characters and skin tones.


  • Registration
  • GiftNow sponsored Gift card
  • Character customization
  • Collectibles in the environment
  • Avoiding obstacles
  • Timer based result system
  • AI Chatbot


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