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VR Simulation in Real Estate

How Juego Studios Assists Real Estate Industry:

Technology is acting as a catalyst in every industry and the real estate industry is no exception. Technology has changed the way is delivered to renters and buyers. Virtual Reality real estate and Augmented Reality real estate are among such technologies that are bringing a change in the way real estate projects are experienced. VR allows lenders to visit the plot or apartment from anywhere, anytime with VR headset while AR adds an extra layer of information in physical plane. We at Juego Studios offer endless possibilities in transforming real estate industry through use of such technologies. People who are looking for apartments or places for rent can now download different apps to check out properties according to their requirements. We work on exterior, interior, 360 degree panoramic tour, floor planning and video production to offer our clients a best in class experience.

Customer Engagement:

One of the primary challenges in real estate industry is to provide engagement, leading to sales. By creating alluring apps which can be experienced on smartphones, tablets, VR & AR enabled devices, Juego Studios helps real estate companies to attract more customers. Using VR and AR technologies, companies can offer customer visits or tours of real estate properties, anytime and from anywhere, as compared to actual planned property visits.

This not only enables real estate companies to reach out to a larger target group of customers but also offers a more intuitive and engaging solution, thereby enhancing customer engagement. Such solutions also help in mobility of your business offering. With our visualization solutions, we build the whole experience of scouting real estate properties more engaging. Overall, such intuitive applications help you to reach and engage more customer as these applications can be easily made available on any smart devices.

Realistic Rendering:

Juego Studios offer VR demo of apartments, villas and  any other types of visualisation, for all kind of platforms including Android, iOS,Windows, online, desktops and VR & AR. From exterior to interior, with our expertise on shaders we create & design of your concept with realistic rendering, 360 degree panoramic view, floor planning combined with animations. This complete immersive experience of real estate helps consumers to visualize their dream home easily. Such 3D immersive experiences transport customers into complete virtual world of properties using VR devices. On the other hand, such technology enabled solutions offer clarity in products & services.

Our solution help companies to engage with their customers at any time and location to ensure seamless understanding to their requirements thereby saving time and cost at the same time.


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