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Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT, is shifting the scale of businesses making them smarter day by day. Bain’s prediction reveals that the revenue for IoT vendors will exceed $470 billion by 2020. Establishing smarter interaction with customers, IoT is going to become one stop solution for every industry. IoT merges data created by humans with data generated by machines for real-time operations like in home automation system, connected vehicles, and geo-fencing. To know how IoT influences businesses take a look on – 5 ways in which businesses can benefit from IoT solutions.

  • Juego Studios is a leading IoT app development company which offers solutions with IoT to revamp your business in a smarter way.
  • With an end to end IoT solutions, we offer secure, smart and connected experience.
  • IoT helps to connect increasing plethora of devices. Juego Studios’ IoT applications help to build the connection with one touch through smartphones or smart devices.
  • With an experienced team of IoT App developers, we offer you complete IoT app development solutions for many domains like connected factories, smart buildings or home automation systems, connected vehicles, and connected field service. To know more about ways IoT can be implemented for daily life take a look on – 3 Significant Enterprise IoT Use Cases in 2018.
  • Juego Studios offers adoptions to roadmaps for smart manufacturing for market strategies for connected products.
  • We recognize that IoT is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. We know that there will be a huge demand for IoT applications that solve real world problems in the future. The trend is still at a nascent stage. But as we have always excelled in emerging technologies we also have made significant strides in IoT service procurement.


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