The puzzle game based on a popular movie franchise

HoloSuit AR VR games done by Juego Studio
  • Technology : Unity + Hololens SDK
  • Genre : Action/ Fighting
  • Graphics : 3D
Saber/ Sword Fight is a virtual reality sword fighting game with motion detection controls.
The goal is to defeat an AI-controlled enemy in a sword fight inside a huge 3D battle arena. By maneuvering the body in certain ways and making gestures, the user can both attack the enemy and block attacks from them as well. The game identifies inputs from even subtle body movements and responds accordingly.


  • Detects motion from 25 locations in the body.
  • Multiple levels and enemies.
  • Combat sound effects like grunts and impact.span>
  • HUD with a health bar and more.
  • Visual and text guided tutorial.
  • Looped gameplay BGM.
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