Animoloto game done by Juego Studio
Realtime Multiplayer
Art style
3D, Stylized
iOS & Android


Animoloto is a free virtual animal racing game with a cash prize reward.

There will be a virtual race between 9 animals every hour. Players need to guess the top three in the race and the gate numbers they will pass through on their way to the finish line. The one who predicts correctly will win the grand prize of 100,000 euros!


  • Prize money accumulated through advertisements: Animoloto generates revenue through advertisements, and a portion of the revenue is added to the prize pool for each race. As more players participate, the prize pool increases, making it more attractive for players to participate and potentially win big.
  • Multiple combinations and try your luck every hour: Players can submit multiple combinations of the top three finishers and the gate numbers they will pass through, giving them more chances to win. Additionally, races are held every hour, allowing players to participate frequently and increase their chances of winning.
  • Get gifts by earning Animo Points: Animo Points can be earned by correctly predicting race outcomes or completing daily challenges.
  • Choose your favorite animal: Players can select their favorite animal from the pool of nine competing animals, and if their animal wins the race, they will receive bonus Animo Points or other rewards.
  • Win tickets: Players can win tickets to enter special races with higher prize pools or exclusive rewards, increasing their chances of winning big.
  • Sponsoring friends: Players can invite their friends to join Animoloto and receive bonus Animo Points or other rewards for every friend who signs up and participates in the game.
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