An Action Game Based on a Real-Life Game

  • Genre: Action  
  • Art Style: 2D  
  • Platforms: Android and iOS 
  • Technology: Unity (Game Engine), NodeJS (Server)

B Slapping is a stress reliever action game based on the real-life sport Red Slaps.

During a one-minute match, players have to slap their opponent more than their opponent slaps them. The role of attacker and defender switch after every turn, and during each turn, the attacking player gets 5 seconds to attack, which the defending player can try to dodge.

Players can perform various attack and defense actions like hitting, evading, dodging, sitting idle, faking a hit, etc., to try to beat their opponent.

B Slapping is monetized using IAPs. It also has Google Analytics implemented in it.


  • Matchmaking: Based on both Location and Level
  • Sign-Up Options: Sign-up using E-mail, Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts

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