Virtual version of a classic card game from the Middle East

  • Technology: Cocos2D (Game Engine), PHP, Node.js & (Server-Side API), MySQL and MongoDB (Database)
  • Genre: Card Game
  • Art Style: 2D, CartoonishPlatforms: Android, iOS, and Desktop Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

Baloot Kings is a virtual card game based on the card game Baloot. The virtual version follows the same gameplay rules as the original game.

2 teams of 2 members each play against each other over multiple rounds. And the team which gets 152 points first, wins.

There are multiple game modes in the Baloot Kings game. The Player vs Player mode where the players can play against people from around the world is one. Then there is the single-player mode where players can play offline against the AI. The third is a tournament mode, where players can play against 7 other teams in a knock-out-style tournament.

The game uses multiple methods like IAPs and Ads for monetization. One among them is a premium subscription with which players get access to some exciting features.


  • Data syncing across platforms and devices
  • Matchmaking system which matches players of similar skill level with each other
  • 4 different types of leaderboards
  • In-game chats with pre-prepared phrases and emoticons
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