Fly high with Bheem to fight the dacoits

  • Technologies: Cocos2d-x

Enjoy the latest ultimate and fastest Bheem game with a unique twist!! Fly high with Bheem to fight the dacoits. When dacoits strike Dholakpur, there is only one hero to save them all and only one way to go – UP! Bheem takes on the gang who have stolen laddoos and gold racing up the steep canyon walls aided by his friends Raju, Chutki and Jaggu. Reach the top score in distance covered and laddoos collected and challenge your friends to beat your score!


  • Help Chhota Bheem unlock his friends Raju, Chutki and Jaggu.
  • Use special power ups such as the shield to protect Chhota Bheem from rocks and obstacles.
  • Use Jaggu’s super tail swipe to accelerate and fly faster than any enemy can strike!
  • Evade the rock hurling dacoits holed up in their caves.
  • Stop the jumping enemies in their tracks.
  • Help Chhota Bheem jump and fly past the diving eagles.
  • Avoid the tree branches and collect shields and power ups.


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