A Virtual Slot Game Centered Around a Unique Theme

  • Technology: Unity 2018 4.0f1
  • Genre: Casino
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows PC.
  • Art Style: 2D

Dragon Slots is a 3×5 slot machine game with a Chinese dragon-inspired theme. The game has the same rules as a real-world slot game.

The gameplay starts when the player credits some real-world money to the game. After that, they choose a bet amount. The higher this amount, the higher the player’s chance of receiving a big reward but at the risk of exhausting their credit quickly. Once the bet is fixed, they spin the slot and win as per traditional slot game rules.

The gameplay ends when any of three things happen: 1) The player quits, 2) They run out of money to play with, or 3) They cash in their winnings.


  • Social Sharing: Players can share their in-game stats with their friends via social media
  • Art and animation elements that portray the game’s unique theme.


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