Duck on the Run

Fun math for toddlers!

  • Technology : Cocos2DX
  • Genre : Kids learning , Educational
  • Platform : iOS & Android

Duck on the Run is an engaging maths app designed specially for kids to enhance their maths skills in fun way:

  • Kids will be engaged in the game to learn maths with fun
  • Active learning: to save kids need to solving math problems
  • Engagement in the learning process
  • Meaningful learning: Build on existing math knowledge and allow skill-based progression
  • Social interaction: Enabling parents to set goals, and reward achievements
  • Parental Control
  • Kids progress reports with chart
The game has 25 levels with 6 mini games allow children to improve their maths and logic skills without the time pressure of a clock. The mini games build the following skills:
  • Working with shapes
  • Recognising numbers
  • Completing sequences
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding the mechanics of maths operations


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