A Hyper-Casual Mobile Basketball Game inside an E-Commerce Application

  • Genre: Hyper-Casual, Arcade
  • Platform: Flipkart App – iOS and Android
  • Art Style: 2D and 3D

Dunk Ball is a basketball game with hyper-casual mechanics.

In the game, you have to put a bouncing basketball inside a basket before an on-screen timer runs out. If you put the ball inside the basket before the timer runs out, the timer resets, and then the basket disappears and re-appears in a different location. If not, then the game is over.

And the more times you overcome the timer, the higher your score.  

Dunk Ball has both reward ads and banner ads implemented in it. It also has analytics software that tracks various gameplay instances.


  • Multiple Power-Ups
  • Social Sharing: Share your high score with your friends


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