Soccer News Responsive Web Portal

  • Technology : Unity 3D  
  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, AngularJS
  • Server: PHP, MySQL, NodeJS
EPL-World is an interactive website with up-to-date news and details from the world of soccer.
The website provides detailed news articles which users can comment and share via social media. It also gives in-depth details of various football leagues from around the world including the league tables, fixtures, live scores, player stats, etc.
In addition, a chat window appearing during live matches also allows users to chat and interact with other fans from around the world.


  • Real-time live score update and group chat facility.
  • Custom profiles for users where they can follow their favorite teams and players.
  • Push notifications about the latest news, live matches, teams, and players.
  • Detailed up-to-date info about teams, players, managers, and referees.
  • Option to create custom teams with favorite players.


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