An Exciting Endless Runner Game with Multiple Features

Genre: Endless Runner

Art Style: 3D

Platforms: Android and iOS

Game Engine: Unity

Falcon Dash is an endless runner set in a middle east themed environment. 

In Falcon Dash,  you play as a kid who runs to avoid getting caught by his teacher. And as the kid, you have to evade the teacher as long as possible and get the highest score.

To help you in this, you get a pet falcon who comes to your aid at crucial times. In addition, you can update your falcon’s abilities and give it new attributes by gaining XP. 

Falcon Dash is also a game that gets harder the more your progress. The gameplay becomes faster, which forces you to make quicker and faster decisions.


  • Power-Ups: 5 Different Kinds
  • Obstacles: 5 Different Types
  • Daily Rewards
  • 4 Different Environments


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