A Fashion Designing Game

  • Technologies: Cocos2d-X, OpenGL shaders
  • Genre: Fashion App development
  • Type: Free to play with in app purchases

Designed for iOS and Android, Fashion House is a platform that simulates real-life projects for designers. Players choose from a palette of 40 unique colours and patterns overall based on events and briefs given. Each creation is judged by 10 of the elitist fashion industry stalwarts. Each week starts in a new fashion capital (Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo).

The gameplay was kept simple and engaging. Players can also challenge each other in multiplayer mode. Social features were integrated to allow players to compete and share their progress on Facebook.


  • Created for iOS & Android
  • Design 34 garments with 40 colours and patterns
  • Facebook integration to compete with friends and share progress
  • Includes multi-player mode to compete with designers around the world
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