An All-in-One Card Game for Multiple Mobile Platforms

  • Art Style: 2D 
  • Platform: iOS and Android 
  • Game Engine: Cocos 

4 in 1 card game is a mobile card game with 4 types of card games. 

The 4 types are Baloot, Queen of Spades, Tarneeb, and Trix. Each of these games has its rules and regulations, based on its real-life counterparts.

You can play all these games in two game modes: 1) Playing against Others Online and 2) Creating a Custom Game to invite players to.

The 4 in 1 card game is monetized using interstitial ads from AdMob and IAP bundles.


  • Leveling System: You can level from 1 to 30.
  • Match-making System: Matches you to players at similar levels
  • Social Features: Invite your friends to play with you
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