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  • Technology : Unity 3D

In the near future, a limited nuclear war in the Middle East and a second Great Depression has traumatized the nations of the world. Through civil unrest, economic collapse, and government corruption, many former great powers have shattered into smaller states. The people of the world are desperate, as rampant chaos has replaced the order of the past. Get ready and conquer the enemy territories.


  • Strategy online multi-player
  • The Futuristic war carried between 79 land territories & 71 sea zones with different units , Conquer the enemy territories and gain victory by destroying their armies.
  • Support upto 8 players in a Team.
  • Chat Features
  • Share your resource with friends.
  • Turn-based & Realtime multi-player.
  • Single & Multi-player
  • Detailed Game-statstics & Automatic game saving
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